Veritas NetBackup™ WebSocket Service (NBWSS) Reference Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 9.0)

Additional NBWSS issues

This topic describes some additional NetBackup WebSocket Service (NBWSS) problems.

Table: Additional troubleshooting issues


Recommended action

The WebSocket server's Connection State is Disconnected

Verify the following:

Notifications are not sent

Verify the following:

  • The WebSocket server is running.

  • The WebSocket server's State is Activated and its Connection State is Connected.

  • The NetBackup Web Management Console service is running.

The WebSocket server's connection to an endpoint is dropped when a call is made to a NetBackup API over the WebSocket channel.

The maximum incoming packet size that is allowed on the NetBackup WebSocket channel is 2 MB. If the NetBackup WebSocket server receives a packet that is larger than 2MB, the connection is dropped. In the next refresh of connections (by default, 60 seconds later), NBWSS attempts to reconnect with the remote endpoint.

Make sure that the packet size does not exceed 2 MB when calling the API from a script.

See NBWSS logging.