Enterprise Vault™ Deployment Scanner

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Product(s): Enterprise Vault (12.3)

Installing Enterprise Vault Deployment Scanner

Deployment Scanner is automatically installed in the Enterprise Vault program folder. The installation package, Veritas Enterprise Vault Deployment Scanner.msi, is also available in the Enterprise Vault media in the folder Veritas Enterprise Vault\Deployment Scanner.

If you do not have Enterprise Vault installed, or access to the Enterprise Vault media, a separate Deployment Scanner installable is available to check the readiness of your system for Enterprise Vault. To obtain the installable, contact Veritas Technical Support.

To install Enterprise Vault Deployment Scanner separately

  1. Copy the supplied .msi file to the computer on which you want to run Enterprise Vault Deployment Scanner.

    You should run Deployment Scanner on the computer on which you intend to install the Enterprise Vault services.

  2. In Windows Explorer, double-click the .msi file.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.