Veritas NetBackup™ Copilot™ for Oracle Configuration Guide

Last Published:
Product(s): Appliances (3.2, 3.1.2)
Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

Create the Oracle Intelligent Policy for database dump backups

Use the following procedure to create the Oracle Intelligent Policy (OIP) for database dump backups.

Create the OIP for database dump backups

  1. In the left pane of the NetBackup Admin Console, expand NetBackup Management > Policies.
  2. Select Actions > New > Policy or right-click on All Policies in the center pane, then click New Policy on the shortcut menu.
  3. Select Oracle in the Policy type drop-down menu.
  4. Select the stream policy you created earlier in the Policy storage drop-down menu.
  5. Click the Instances and Databases tab, then select Protect Instances and Databases.
  6. Click the Backup Selections tab, then select Database Backup Shares.
  7. Click the Attributes tab, then select Perform snapshot backups and Retain snapshot for Instant Recovery or SLP management.
  8. Click the Options... button, then select remote_vxfs from the Snapshot method for this policy drop-down menu.
  9. Click OK to confirm.
  10. Click the Schedules tab to create a full schedule.
  11. Select Full Backup in the Type of backup drown-down menu and enter a name for the schedule.
  12. Select Override policy storage selection and choose the storage lifecycle policy you created earlier for the snapshot.
  13. Click Add.
  14. Select Archived Redo Log Backup from the Type of backup drop-down menu and enter a name for the schedule.
  15. Click OK to confirm.