Veritas and Kyndryl: Empowering the Future of Data Management

Protection August 01, 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, data has become the lifeblood of organizations. Managing and harnessing data effectively is crucial for businesses to drive innovation, make informed decisions, and stay ahead in their respective industries. With this in mind, Veritas has recently announced a new offering with Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider.

In the new offering, two services have been developed: Data Protection Risk Assessment, and Incident Recovery with Veritas. The goal is to help enterprises protect and recover their critical data across multi-cloud environments.

This collaboration aims to deliver comprehensive data modernization solutions to organizations worldwide and promises to revolutionize the way businesses handle their data. Read our recent announcement about the offerings, here.

Today, we’ll delve deeper into how these solutions help organizations, and why the Kyndryl partnership brings a new perspective.

The Power of Partnership

The Veritas and Kyndryl collaboration mark a significant milestone in the data management landscape. As organizations navigate complex digital transformations, they require agile, scalable, and secure infrastructure solutions to store, protect, and harness their data assets. Veritas brings expertise in data management, while Kyndryl’s deep knowledge in consulting and managed services creates a powerful synergy that can address these challenges effectively.

How This Partnership Helps Organizations

Ensuring the resiliency and protection of critical information is paramount. This collaboration brings forth a heightened focus on data resiliency and business continuity. Organizations will gain access to robust data protection solutions, including backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and archiving, enabling them to safeguard their data across diverse environments.

Furthermore, global companies will enhance their ability to adapt to evolving security threats and regulatory requirements. With data breaches and cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, Veritas and Kyndryl are committed to delivering proactive security measures that fortify data infrastructure and minimize vulnerabilities.

The Result: Two New Services

Within a year of announcing and building our strategic alliance, we have unveiled our groundbreaking offering with two new services: Data Protection Risk Assessment, and Incident Recovery. These innovative solutions empower organizations to seamlessly manage and optimize data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This partnership is strengthened by combining years of industry expertise, allowing us to work faster and more efficiently, to deliver a superior solution to the marketplace.

Data Protection Risk Assessment 

The Data Protection Risk Assessment service delivers a maturity risk assessment that reviews a customer’s IT infrastructure and backups against industry best practices. Kyndryl leverages its cyber resilience framework to run an analysis that identifies risks, unknown gaps, and vulnerabilities, with Veritas IT Analytics as the core. This assessment delivers a risk scorecard that allows flexibility to customize with unique requirements, policies, and processes, providing customers the visibility and information they need to better manage and protect their data.

Incident Recovery with Veritas

Incident Recovery with Veritas is a fully managed service encompassing backup, disaster recovery, and cyber recovery that uses Veritas software to allow for quick recovery in the event of a cyber incident. With Kyndryl Consult, Incident Recovery with Veritas enables clients to mitigate risk and avoid the high cost of a data breach by using differentiated features such as air-gapped protection, immutable storage, anomaly detection, and recovery automation.

Ultimately, both solutions simplify complex data workflows, streamline data movement, and enable intelligent decision-making through advanced analytics, providing scalability and performance.

Powered by Veritas

The Veritas and Kyndryl partnership, and the introduction of Data Protection Risk Assessment, and Incident Recovery with Veritas demonstrate our commitment to provide comprehensive data management solutions that drive innovation, resilience, and efficiency. In a world where data is the fuel that propels businesses forward, Veritas and Kyndryl’s collaboration offers a transformative approach to management and protection.

Read the full press release here and visit our partner page.

Emilio Griman
Director Global Alliances