Transition Data Archiving from On-Premises to the Cloud

Protection June 07, 2023

The ever-increasing volume of unstructured data brings with it a new list of challenges. Among them, traditional on-premises archives are becoming insufficient for many organizations. Moving archives to the cloud is becoming a common and essential move as organizations look to reap the advantages of cloud-based archiving.

Veritas Alta™ Archiving offers a secure, cloud-based, and comprehensive solution for archiving and managing data. Use it to reduce the cost of managing your on-premises infrastructure, while ensuring that your data is securely stored and readily accessible when needed. You can easily migrate to Veritas Alta Archiving from the Veritas Enterprise Vault on-premises solution.

Veritas Alta Archiving provides more advanced search capabilities compared to Veritas Enterprise Vault. This simplifies quickly finding and retrieving information, as well as setting retention policies. Regardless of the size of your organization, use it to manage your data archives efficiently, reduce storage costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Seamless Migration

Direct Migrator from Veritas allows you to seamlessly migrate from Veritas Enterprise Vault to Veritas Alta Archiving in the cloud. Direct Migrator is the perfect solution if you’re dealing with:

  • Upcoming cloud mandates
  • Large amounts of compliance data on-premises
  • Increasing numbers of data and channels
  • A constantly changing regulatory landscape
  • No time to risk a workforce disruption
  • Multiple regulations and data sovereignty requirements

Free and Five-Times Faster

Free to Veritas customers, Direct Migrator is five-times faster than traditional migration processes. Benefits of the tool include:

  • Seamless Migration: Fewer steps, lower resource requirements, and higher migration process visibility
  • Lower Cost: No tool cost, reduced migration resource requirements, and faster migration

With Veritas Alta Archiving, you get:

  • Full fidelity certification
  • DA/CA work product migrated
  •  A single license, so you don’t pay twice
  • Feature parity with Enterprise Vault
  • Single search across Enterprise Vault and Veritas Alta Archiving
  • Expire-in-place options

Contact Veritas or your authorized Veritas solution provider to take advantage of Data Migrator.

Rick Krieger
Director, Product Management, Digital Compliance
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