Simplify Data Management with Veritas Alta™ Backup as a Service


Managing data can be a daunting task with the ever-increasing use of technology. With the help of cloud technology, we can store and access data across various environments. However, traditional backup methods can no longer protect and manage our data. Fortunately, Backup as a Service (BaaS) simplifies data management operations by providing enterprise data protection software as a service, making them easier and more resilient. Here's how BaaS can help:

Automated backups ensure data is consistently protected

Having a reliable backup strategy is crucial, especially for critical business data. However, managing backups for multiple cloud environments can be time-consuming and error-prone. A solution such as Veritas Alta™ Backup as a Service solves this problem by centralizing the backup process, saving you time and resources. Automated backups run on predetermined schedules that you define, ensuring that no critical information is lost and your data is always protected, even with changes or updates in the cloud environment. It is safeguarded without manual intervention, saving you time and resources.

Centralized management console for easy configuration and monitoring

Managing data visibility and maintaining a unified view in today's diverse and distributed environment can be challenging. However, with Vertias Alta™ centralized management console, you can easily manage backups, streamline processes, and ensure data security. A centralized approach is crucial to achieving a robust and secure backup strategy. It helps you avoid the complexity and potential risks of managing backups separately, giving you the confidence to seamlessly navigate your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Reduces the burden on your IT teams, freeing up time for other tasks

BaaS solutions, like the one offered by Veritas Alta, help you focus on meeting data protection SLAs without worrying about infrastructure. It's easy to get caught up in day-to-day operations and lose sight of essential tasks like keeping your infrastructure up-to-date. Implementing a "divide and conquer" approach like this can unnecessarily expose you to cyber attacks. You can optimize your resources and allocate them to more strategic initiatives by freeing your teams from this complexity. This, in turn, drives innovation, efficiency, and growth within the organization.

Optimizes productivity and uptime with efficient recovery

Data loss can be a major setback for any organization – but that's where a solution like Veritas Alta™ Backup as a Service can minimize the risk of data loss, reduce downtime, and minimize the impact of potential data disasters. The service offers real-time synchronization and orchestrated recovery capabilities, including point-in-time recovery, scheduled backups, and rapid data restoration, all of which ensure that data can be recovered quickly and effectively. In addition, the ability to customize the recovery process to suit the specific needs of your business, such as granular recovery, provides flexibility. You can restore precisely what you need without restoring your entire backup. This approach saves time, storage space, and resources while providing the granularity required for various recovery scenarios.

24/7 technical support for any backup or recovery issues

When it comes to technology, issues can always arise. That's where 24/7 technical support becomes crucial. With the guidance of a dedicated team, organizations can quickly resolve any backup or recovery challenges, providing a vital lifeline in high-pressure situations. A reliable support network is essential to ensure successful data management and protection. As a proven leader in data management, Veritas offers 24/7 technical support and a deep understanding of cloud technology, making us a trusted partner for organizations looking to safeguard their critical data. If you want a reliable, innovative, and expertly crafted BaaS solution, choose Veritas.

Proactive monitoring and maintenance to prevent potential problems

Trusting a reliable BaaS provider to manage your backup infrastructure offers more than a helping hand when needed. You gain an extension of your business that can proactively monitor and offer maintenance. At the same time, you focus on core business operations. By relying on BaaS, you can stay ahead, reduce risks, and secure your business's data for long-term success.

Access to experts with extensive knowledge and experience

Finally, staying ahead of trends and changes in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape is crucial, especially when protecting one of your organization's most valuable assets. Engaging a BaaS provider can simplify the backup process while providing access to a team of backup experts with unparalleled knowledge and experience safeguarding critical information. These professionals stay ahead of the curve by remaining updated on best practices and emerging threats, consistently adapting, and optimizing backup strategies for maximum efficiency and resilience.

Simplify data management with Veritas Alta Backup as a Service

Veritas Alta™ Backup as a Service provides a secure and reliable multi-cloud enterprise backup and recovery solution fully hosted by Veritas. It is intuitive and easy to use, offering comprehensive, intelligent cyber resiliency - a feature you've come to expect from Veritas. With Veritas Alta™ Backup as a Service, you no longer have to worry about deploying and managing hardware and infrastructure. This includes identifying new workloads, scaling to meet demands, and upgrading/patching. Moreover, it seamlessly scales across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, enabling you to take full advantage of their benefits. This way, you can focus on what's important - your unique operational processes and data protection needs.

Secure your valuable data today with Veritas Alta™ Backup as a Service. Watch our demo video now to see how easy it is to protect your business!

Shilo Thomas
Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager, Data Compliance and Governance
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