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Protection October 30, 2023

Are you running applications as containers? Are you looking at containers as a new way to develop and run your IT services? One of the challenges you might be facing is finding a reliable way to provide enterprise storage, resiliency, and data protection your containerized applications running in a Kubernetes environment. 

Veritas was a diamond sponsor at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023 and we talked about our solution for Kubernetes that provides persistent enterprise storage, resiliency/DR and data protection for containerized applications.  Here’s a quick recap.

Veritas Storage and Data Protection for Kubernetes

Veritas provides an API-driven approach to storage and data protection designed to integrate seamlessly with Kubernetes to help better prepare your environment for the challenges that arise in production.  We deliver key functionality that lays the foundation for running your enterprise applications in production Kubernetes environments.  What exactly does Veritas deliver?  

  • Enterprise data protection – NetBackup gives you the ability to protect Kubernetes environments with quick and intuitive data protection for all application components in a Kubernetes namespace. NetBackup also provides application mobility by offering flexible recovery to different Kubernetes clusters and distributions – both on-premises and in the cloud!
  • Advanced storage management – InfoScale for Kubernetes is deployed as a containerized application, and it provides high-performance, persistent storage for your Kubernetes clusters with integrated migration and DR capability! InfoScale works with nearly any traditional SAN and can also be configured using direct attached storage with an advanced feature called Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS), reducing your costs and operational complexity while improving your application performance and resiliency!

Figure 1 will give you a detailed view of how Veritas delivers advanced storage, resiliency, and data protection for containerized applications in a Kubernetes environment.  

Figure 1. Veritas enterprise data management for Kubernetes environments

Key takeaways from last year’s event

We had several interesting conversations at KubeCon Europe that provided invaluable insight into how organizations use containers and what kinds of things they want to do and see in the future.  There were a few key areas of focus that stood out for us:

  • Resiliency – most solutions out there don’t adequately ensure that applications running in Kubernetes clusters are resilient in the event of system failures.
  • Flexibility – we had several conversations with users around maintaining flexibility and avoiding platform lock-in given the increasing number of solutions and vendors focused on Kubernetes.
  • Simplicity – something that came up often: solutions in the Kubernetes space can be complex and need to be easier to use and manage.

Based on what we heard last year, we prioritized our development to focus on functionality that organizations need. We’re delivering new releases for each focus area – and there’s a lot more yet to come!

What’s new with Veritas for KubeCon North America 2023?

Given how often we heard that users were looking for advanced resiliency functionality for their Kubernetes environments, our development strategy focused on exactly that. Here’s the high-level view of what we’re doing from a resiliency perspective:

Figure 2. Veritas provides a full spectrum of resiliency for Kubernetes

Veritas released several new and interesting features based on direct feedback and discussions we’ve had at KubeCon:

  • Resiliency focus – InfoScale 8.0.200 includes the much-anticipated DR manager. With InfoScale, you can now easily provide resiliency for an entire Kubernetes cluster with real-time replication that enables workload migrations and/or failovers with a near-zero RPO/RTO.
  • Platform support – NetBackup 10.3 provides advanced data protection for any CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution.  What’s interesting about this? With NetBackup, you can protect your Kubernetes clusters with full recovery granularity (individual resources, volumes, namespaces), and you can recover to either another identical cluster or to a completely different Kubernetes distribution – including Kubernetes services in the cloud!
  • Simplicity – in our latest releases, both InfoScale and NetBackup have become easier to use with a simplified deployment experience and integration with leading Kubernetes platforms like Red Hat OpenShift, which provides an intuitive and streamlined user experience to help make running containers easy.

All this only scratches the surface. Both InfoScale and NetBackup have several very interesting and innovative features currently in development – and these features will be available well before you head off to KubeCon in 2024!   


Veritas provides industry-leading data management technology that gives you the functionality you need to run your enterprise applications in containers. With storage management, resiliency and data protection designed for Kubernetes, our goal is to provide users with an advanced software-defined, flexible, and enterprise-grade foundation that lets you run your containerized applications with confidence. 

For more information on the Veritas solution for Kubernetes, check out this solution paper. You can also see a quick demo here, or check out our Kubernetes solution page.

Ryan Behiel
Senior Principle Technical Marketing, SDS and Appliances
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