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Protection September 14, 2023

When the unexpected strikes, a robust cloud backup and recovery strategy is vital for business continuity. It’s time to establish a secure strategy as the cornerstone of your disaster response.

Equip yourself for a strong recovery. Setting benchmarks like recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO and RPO) can make the difference in minimizing downtime. Build a framework around essential considerations like data classification, rehearsal testing and frequency. Then specify how these elements align with your overarching organizational objectives. With the right plan, you can be certain that when the going gets tough, your organization has what it takes to come out safely.

Exploring Cloud Backup and Recovery

Cloud computing enables you to optimize your IT infrastructure and streamline operations. But the dynamic nature of the cloud has unique recovery challenges. Traditional backup and recovery strategies don’t transfer seamlessly to the cloud environment. This leads to potential data loss, downtime, and compromised business operations.

From simple outages to catastrophic events, cloud backup and recovery is the foundation of an effective response. A 3-2-1 immutable backup strategy includes replicating essential data and applications to a secondary location. This allows you to rest, knowing you are prepared for whatever happens. Utilize cloud recovery to create an immutable, off-site backup of your critical elements.

Disruptions come in all shapes and sizes without warning. It is essential that your recovery strategy keeps pace. You may need recovery only at the object level or for a portion of your VMs. But it’s important to have the ability to recover everything — from data to application to the entire data center — without restriction.

In today’s evolving threat landscape, no two cyber incidents are the same. Architect an optimized recovery experience so you can restore operations in minutes instead of hours or days, regardless of scale.

Cloud Backup Recovery Solutions from Veritas

Veritas solutions are resilient and optimized for flexible, hybrid, and rapid recovery. Autonomous data protection lets you automate and orchestrate complete cross-site or cloud restoration with the click of a button, at scale. Our recovery solutions address:

  • Granular file recovery
  • Bulk/instant recovery
  • Instant rollback of VMs
  • Continuous data protection
  • Bare metal recovery

From encryption to centralized management and immutable data storage, your information remains secure. Veritas offers cloud recovery solutions designed for organizations operating in cloud environments:

Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault simplifies data retention and management in the cloud. A fully managed service, it offers flexibility across a range of cloud providers and variety of workloads. Replicate to either on-premises or cloud locations without restrictions when it comes to data restoration.

Veritas Alta Data Protection unlocks next-level efficiency with AI-powered automation. This approach streamlines operations and minimizes costs, while the flexible architecture provides unparalleled scalability for sustainable growth and success. Our recovery solutions have a comprehensive range of capabilities so you can scale at your own pace and capture the full potential of progress.

Veritas Alta Backup-as-a-Service helps you leverage enterprise-grade data security. Simplify and minimize the costs and risks associated with self-managed infrastructure. Use it to gain flexibility and agility to operate across your choice of cloud service providers. Condense your processes and focus on the priorities and resources that need more attention.

Veritas Alta Software-as-a-Service utilizes cloud technology to safeguard critical data. It’s a cost-effective solution to secure your data with automated backups for leading SaaS applications, supporting your side of the SaaS shared-responsibility model. This comprehensive data management tool grants you full control over your cloud-based data.

Backup Exec Instant Cloud Recovery offers Instant Cloud Recovery (ICR) to create near-instant, updated replicas of entire virtual machines in the cloud. As you grapple with the complexity of 24x7x365 digital operations, ICR draws on the power of Azure Site Recovery in the event of a disaster. These cloud-based clones provide the ability to keep business-critical infrastructure running without interruption.

Keep Ahead of New Challenges

Take control of your backup and recovery operations. Veritas provides powerful protection that’s both flexible and scalable. Our secondary data locations across different geographic regions maximize uptime and minimize disruption. With secure encryption technology, immutability, and centralized management, trust that your data will remain safe. Your operations will no longer be at the mercy of the unknown. Our cloud recovery solutions empower you to take control and secure continuity with speed and accuracy.

Unlock the revolutionary potential of the cloud. Invest in Veritas cloud backup and recovery solutions. Prepare for whatever tomorrow brings.

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