Lachezar Lechev: Empowering Success as a Senior Technical Support Engineer

Veritas Perspectives June 26, 2023

As an employment brand specialist at Veritas, I have the pleasure of interviewing and sharing all the greatest talents that Veritas has to offer. Meet Lachezar Lechev, one of our incredibly talented Technical Support Engineers located in Bulgaria, Southeast Europe, who shares more about his career journey with us.  

Q: Lachezar, tell us about what you do at Veritas.

I work as a Technical Support Engineer for the InfoScale Availability team, and we are involved in troubleshooting complex software issues related to Veritas InfoScale products on Unix and Windows-based systems.”

Most of the issues require deeper knowledge of the Linux variations, networking skills, cluster management skills, configuration, patching, and others. In addition to this, we work with highly professional customers (system administrators), so we do our best to provide the necessary solution in time and to keep their systems up and running.

Q: Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in technology?

Technology has always held a significant place in my life, capturing my interest through its rapid evolution and groundbreaking innovations.”

Over the years, my curiosity about its inner workings, the functions of its components, and opportunities for improvement has grown exponentially. My free time has been dedicated to reading and learning extensively about technology. It’s this profound passion and knowledge that’s propelled me towards pursuing a rewarding career in the IT industry.

Q: What qualifications and skills are essential for a Technical Support Engineer (TSE)?

To achieve success as a Technical Support Engineer (TSE), I firmly believe that you need certain key skills and qualifications. These encompass a comprehensive grasp of Unix and Windows Enterprise systems, coupled with a profound understanding of cluster functionality. Additionally, possessing extensive knowledge of storage systems and a holistic comprehension of the overall landscape is crucial. Moreover, proficiency in networking is indispensable for a TSE to effectively troubleshoot and resolve complex issues.

Technical expertise alone does not guarantee success in this role. Equally important are the intangible qualities that define a driven and accomplished TSE. Motivation, an insatiable thirst for learning, and a genuine passion for the work at hand are qualities that set apart exceptional TSEs.”

By fostering a proactive approach to acquiring new knowledge, a TSE can adapt swiftly to evolving technologies and deliver exemplary support to customers. These qualities serve as a driving force behind continued growth and excellence in the ever-evolving IT industry.

Q: How does a Technical Support Engineer contribute to a company's success?

A TSE plays a vital role in contributing to a company's overall success.

  • Customer satisfaction: As TSEs, we serve as a primary point of contact for customers facing technical issues. By promptly addressing and resolving these issues, we ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to remain loyal to the company, recommend its products or services to others, and potentially become repeat customers, thus driving revenue and growth.
  • Issue resolution and efficiency: As TSEs, we possess the expertise to diagnose and troubleshoot complex technical problems. Our ability to swiftly resolve issues minimizes downtime for customers, improving operational efficiency. By efficiently addressing customer concerns, we contribute to the overall productivity and effectiveness of the company's products or services.
We contribute to a company’s success by ensuring customer satisfaction, resolving technical issues efficiently, providing valuable feedback for product improvement, sharing knowledge internally, and contributing to customer retention and upselling opportunities.”

Q: What’s your favorite aspect about working at Veritas? What are your favorite benefits and perks?

Working at Veritas offers several attractive aspects and benefits such as:

  • Innovative work culture: Veritas provides an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and personal growth. Employees have the opportunities to work on cutting-edge technologies and solutions, contributing to the development of innovative products and services.
  • Professional development opportunities: Veritas prioritizes the growth and development of its employees by providing access to various professional development programs, including training, certifications, workshops, and conferences. This focus on continuous learning helps us enhance our skills and stay updated with industry trends.
  • Collaborative and diverse environment: Veritas cultivates a collaborative and inclusive work environment, fostering diversity, equality, and respect among its employees. The company encourages teamwork, knowledge sharing, and open communication across departments and teams.

Q: Can you provide tips for candidates looking to interview for or resume the Technical Support Engineer role?

  • Highlight relevant skills and experience: Tailor your resume to emphasize your technical skills, experience in troubleshooting, and customer support abilities. Include specific examples about technical issues you’ve resolved and the tools or technologies you are proficient in.
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency: Clearly outline your technical expertise, including knowledge of operating systems (e.g., Windows and Linux), networking protocols, programming languages, and any relevant certifications. Mention specific tools, software, or technologies you’re familiar with.
  • Include relevant projects and achievements: If you’ve worked on notable projects or achieved specific milestones in your previous roles, mention them to showcase your accomplishments and demonstrate your ability to deliver results.

Lachezar Lechev's journey as a Technical Support Engineer exemplifies the dedication, expertise, and passion required for success in the IT industry. Through his exceptional problem-solving abilities, deep technical knowledge, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Lachezar makes an invaluable contribution to Veritas' success. As Veritas continues to grow, the company welcomes talented individuals to join their team and embark on impactful careers. If you're seeking a rewarding role as a Technical Support Engineer, Veritas in Bulgaria, Southeast Europe, presents a promising opportunity to thrive and excel. See other opportunities on our careers page.

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