Embracing Tomorrow: Unveiling the Future of Compliance Tech at Microsoft Build


The recent Microsoft Build conference offered a glimpse into the transformative potential of AI for organizations, particularly in compliance technology. The event showcased how AI can automate and optimize compliance processes, minimize risks, and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. The key takeaway: AI is not just a tool but a game-changer in reshaping the compliance landscape.

AI: The New Frontier in Compliance

Time-consuming compliance tasks such as data discovery, classification, retention, and deletion are giving way to automation as organizations harness AI to free up valuable resources. This will allow them to focus on the more critical aspects of compliance while enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness.

AI-powered systems will also provide the ability to detect unusual data patterns that may signal breaches, fraud, or other compliance issues before they escalate, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with data security regulations.

Innovation: Navigating the Compliance Landscape

Innovation was the buzzword at Microsoft Build, and rightly so. To navigate today’s compliance landscape, we need to innovate. The launch of groundbreaking AI tools, including Azure AI Studio with new features for building, training, and deploying machine learning models, provides a taste of what’s to come for the future of compliance technology. These advancements accelerate the development and implementation of custom AI models tailored to specific compliance needs, enabling organizations to stay ahead of regulatory requirements and streamline their compliance processes.

Our partnership with Microsoft exemplifies this innovative spirit. Together, we're revolutionizing compliance monitoring in regulated industries like finance. By leveraging Microsoft's latest AI technology, we've developed advanced surveillance solutions that enable banks and financial institutions to effectively monitor broker-trader and financial-advisor communications. These solutions help compliance teams identify and prevent financial crimes, such as insider trading and market manipulation, and avoid regulatory violations by promptly addressing client complaints and other concerns.

Looking Ahead: Embracing Tomorrow

For all of AI’s promise, prioritizing safety and security is paramount. Understanding the risks associated with AI development and ensuring that we implement the necessary mitigation measures are crucial for building safe AI applications.

There is much to be excited about. Innovations like the launch of GPT-4o the evolution of AI language models and their superior capabilities in understanding nuanced language and context – these are just a few of the developments I’m following with anticipation of what lies ahead. By embracing AI and collaborating with industry leaders, we can confidently navigate the evolving compliance landscape, shaping a safer and more compliant world for all.

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Soniya Bopache
VP & GM of Data Compliance and Governance