Data Protection and Application Recovery at KubeCon EU 2023

Veritas Perspectives May 19, 2023

It was a whirlwind of a week, but reflecting on all the conversations and brainstorms the Veritas team had with attendees of KubeCon in Amsterdam still has me excited. We not only had the opportunity to be a Diamond Sponsor at the conference and discuss the importance of resiliency for Kubernetes environments in the Veritas booth, but also had the opportunity for Petter Sveum, Sr. Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect at Veritas to present during the Day 3 KubeCon keynote.

On stage, Petter shared some data about organizations running containers in production that hit home with me. He shared a 2022 research study that found more than half (53%) of organizations running containers in production lost data in the cloud. This is an unacceptable amount of loss, especially for business-critical applications.

If you missed the keynote, or want to rewatch, check out the CNCF YouTube:

I also learned that customers are moving more critical enterprise applications to containers using orchestration engines like Kubernetes to take advantage of its elasticity and portability.​ These critical enterprise stateful applications increasingly require persistent storage, resiliency, and disaster recovery orchestration. ​No one can escape the container-native tailwinds that all organizations, small and large, are now driven to keep Recovery Point Objectives (RPOS) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) as low as possible with flexible, persistent storage, efficient replication, and granular backups.

Together your teams can work on one cloud-native data management platform for greater operational efficiency. Your App Developers and DevOps teams can achieve greater automated workflows and business agility knowing that your containerized applications are resilient in the event of human error or a disaster. Your Backup and Storage team can elevate themselves to focus more on application uptime and how to serve their stakeholders vs. being bogged down in protection policies and maintaining backup application infrastructure. CIOs can also gain confidence that all mission-critical applications are immediately and consistently protected in accordance with business objectives, and they now have control with complete visibility and governance over your data.

At the Veritas booth, we hosted “Ask the Experts” series where my colleagues and I were challenged to answer some of the industry’s most pressing questions about:

  • Application Portability - move containerized applications between platforms with cross-platform recoverability.
  • Autonomous Data Protection - define your backup requirements, and all new Kubernetes namespaces are automatically protected when they come online.
  • Improved Availability - ensure business continuity and high availability for containerized applications with integrated data integrity management and flexible disaster recovery.
  • Infrastructure Optimization - use software-defined storage and data protection that provide advanced features and better performance at a lower cost than point products and traditional storage solutions.

In conclusion, my takeaway was that KubeCon attendees were impressed by the level of resiliency and storage management for Kubernetes they can receive from Veritas. We are excited to continue the conversation at KubeCon North America in November 2023. If you missed the opportunity to speak with a Veritas expert at the conference, you can request a call or join us on the Veritas Open eXchange: Veritas Kubernetes Group (VOX) anytime.

Demetrius Malbrough
Cloud Advocate
Veritas Tech Channel