Complete Control of your Data with Veritas and AWS

Protection June 05, 2023

What does it mean to gain complete control of your data? Do you know who is responsible for your data recovery in the cloud? Have you optimized your cloud data for recovery? Do you know when your last recovery rehearsal was?

With increasing cyber-attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities, stolen credentials, malware, and expanding attack vectors,  gaining complete control of your data and going beyond basic backups is imperative. That’s where Veritas and AWS can help with a comprehensive set of solutions to keep all your data secure, compliant, and available regardless of where it resides.


The Cloud is now a prime target for cyber attacks. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of enterprises' rapid cloud-first strategy, making them a prime target. There is an assumption that once you migrate your data to the cloud, it is automatically protected.  In reality, as detailed in the shared responsibility model with AWS, you are ultimately responsible for protecting and backing up your data and your applications no matter where they live, including the cloud. Understanding this shared responsibility model is critical to keeping your applications and data resilient and available in the event of a cyber attack.    

The Solution: AWS and Veritas

AWS is responsible for the security of the cloud and works diligently to ensure infrastructure resiliency including “protecting the infrastructure that runs all of the services offered in the AWS Cloud. This infrastructure comprises the hardware, software, networking, and facilities that run AWS Cloud services.” Conversely, the AWS customer is responsible for the security in the cloud but it varies depending on the AWS Cloud service selected. Rest assured, Veritas understands your end of the shared responsibility model, and our multi-layered, proactive cybersecurity strategy has you covered. AWS ensures infrastructure resiliency, and Veritas provides data and applications resiliency.  

Veritas delivers immutable protection for any workload, across cloud environments, with flexible, automated recovery while gaining intelligent observability and anomaly detection.

Optimized Cloud-based Protection

Bad actors are getting trickier and more impactful in their disruptions as attack vectors evolve. In a recent survey, 89% of respondents’ organizations experienced a ransomware attack on data they held within cloud environments. Customers need to go beyond basic backups. Implement a data resiliency strategy with unparalleled immutability, secure vault locations, cross-cloud anomaly detection, and non-disruptive recovery rehearsals, especially at scale.

The Solution: AWS and Veritas

With Veritas Cloud Scale Technology, you can protect AWS workloads at scale with efficient and secure object storage support. You can access data directly from the backup copy in object storage, providing a virtual file system view and malware scanning of compressed, encrypted, and deduplicated data. Consistent data protection helps ensure availability for mission-critical applications. Veritas can help you make data protection and long-term data retention seamless across all your environments, whether physical, virtual, or in AWS’s Amazon Simple Storage Solutions (S3) or Amazon S3 Glacier tiers. Together with Veritas and AWS, you can optimize your cyber resiliency and data recovery plan.

Understanding the Intricacies of Migration

Migration can be challenging due to the intricate nature of workloads and their numerous dependencies. This complexity can lead to business disruptions during the migration process. To minimize risks, it’s often necessary to establish various environments, such as development, testing, staging, and migration, which can be costly. Further concerns might arise post-migration as it’s only possible to test some things before going live. Questions may include whether performance will match or exceed on-premises systems, the reliability and disaster recovery of the entire application stack, and whether workloads will change if applications are modernized in the cloud for efficiency and cost savings.

The Solution: AWS and Veritas

AWS is a top choice for migrating applications due to its flexibility and scalability. Additional advantages include eliminating technical debt, lowering the total cost of ownership, and enhancing cost efficiency. As a result, you’re likely considering which services and applications to move to the AWS cloud while minimizing risks for your organization. By leveraging our proven workflow, you can effectively migrate your mission-critical applications to AWS and confidently address your migration concerns.

Reduce OpEx

Reducing your total cost of operations in the cloud while increasing the availability and performance of your enterprise data and applications can also be a significant challenge. We often hear stories of surprise bills, and a recent survey uncovered that most overspend by an average of 42.91%. It is understandable. Data today is everywhere. Growing exponentially in the cloud, your data centers, and at the edge. Today’s data protection tools must deliver insights into cloud storage usage and backup. Deduplication can reduce data storage and provide automated data policies saving time and resources.  

The Solution: AWS and Veritas

With Veritas cloud-native data management platform, you can dynamically provision and deprovision, cloud computing resources, meaning you will only need to pay for the resources as they are needed. With Veritas lifecycle management policies, you can quickly move data to lower-cost storage tiers, and eliminate obsolete and redundant data, all while ensuring you always meet your protection requirements.

Why Veritas and AWS

Veritas covers all AWS storage use cases, while ensuring your data is secure, compliant, and available. As bad actors are increasing in the sophistication of their attacks, it is crucial to ensure that you can back up at any time at any scale with proactive disaster recovery, fully automated workload migration, failover, and failback to and from AWS. We can save you significant time getting back to business.

Veritas + AWS = highly available and resilient solution. Together, we keep critical apps up and running and reduce your downtime.

What’s Next?  

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Walter Angerer
SVP, Engineering