Carbon-Neutral Veritas Appliance Shipping now Standard, Starting Earth Day

Veritas Perspectives April 21, 2023

Veritas NetBackup Appliance Solutions are the fastest way to deploy NetBackup data protection in your environments. With our NetBackup powered appliances, organizations get Zero Trust-based multilayered security solutions and can recover confidently with an air-gapped isolated recovery environment if an incident occurs.

In addition to making IT assets more secure, NetBackup Appliance Solutions provide organizations with a simple, turnkey solution that is easy to manage and monitor, thus providing organizations the much-needed operational efficiency as they look at modernizing their data centers. 

In summary, a NetBackup Appliance solution is your complete data protection solution, which is easy to use, scalable, and protects an organization's data center with Zero Trust architecture and cyber resiliency.

Veritas is committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and takes an industry-leading view of how we integrate Supply Chain Sustainability into our operations. We recently won the Energy Star Canada Special Recognition Award for energy efficiency and sustainability excellence. We continue to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, including being one of the first 800 companies worldwide to have submitted approved science-based targets (SBTi), available on the Science Based Targets website

Veritas NetBackup appliances are part of our corporate responsibility planning, all the way down to how the product arrives to our customers, which is why on 22nd April (World Earth Day), we are announcing the next step in our evolution and introducing Go Green Appliance Freight Services—customers can now take delivery of appliance orders with a carbon-neutral impact.

Sustainability is critical to Veritas' business and its mission of delivering more innovative technology for all. The Go Green service has a carbon offsetting program with Veritas' carrier and a WWF gold standard non-profit organization for carbon offsetting. Veritas is proud to enhance its solutions through this collaboration further. 

We are fully committed to supporting our customers at every step of their hardware lifecycle management, with Appliance Services ensuring optimized performance, the addition of Go Green Appliance Freight Services further demonstrates our commitment to this and enhances our vision of Supply Chain Sustainability.

More is coming soon: in June 2023, Veritas will launch multiple new product lines, including NetBackup Flex 5260, NetBackup Flex 5360, and NetBackup Flex 5365 All Flash Array. Veritas appliance solutions are so simple—just plug & play!

Conor Nolan
Sr. Director, Supply Chain
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