Automating Cloud Migration with the Veritas Application Mobility Service

Protection July 05, 2023

Are you considering a move to the cloud?   One challenge you might be facing is figuring out the best way to get there while retaining your application SLAs.  Cloud migrations can be complex, and it’s often a process that involves a lot of manual effort – which is time-consuming and error-prone.  Automating the migration process will help you make cloud migrations much smoother, and more predictable and will lower your overall risk.  This is why you need Veritas!

The Veritas Application Mobility Service is a new feature of Veritas InfoScale designed to automate the migration of your applications to the cloud.  InfoScale is a proven high-availability and optimization solution for mission-critical applications that minimizes the risk of application downtime and data loss.  It helps you keep your applications up and running all the time.  With cloud service providers having become more capable of supporting business-critical applications with demanding SLA’s, the Veritas Application Mobility Service will help get you to the cloud with confidence.  By automating the full cloud migration process, the Application Mobility Service simplifies moving your applications to the cloud with several benefits:

  • Mobility – eliminate error-prone and time-consuming manual steps and processes involved in migrating enterprise applications to the cloud, with the option to reverse course and move out of the cloud if needed.
  • Availability – ensure that your applications are always online during the migration process and are deployed in a highly available configuration once they’re migrated to the cloud.
  • Predictability – migration plans are customizable and fully automate the cloud migration process, ensuring predictable results while also delivering more efficient cloud resource utilization

The Veritas Application Mobility Service ensures that you will experience consistent and predictable cloud migrations and reduces project timelines from days to hours for a faster time-to-cloud value.  Figure 1 shows an overview of how the Veritas Application Mobility Service can simplify cloud migrations – for single applications, a complete IT business service, or your entire data center!

Figure 1. Veritas Application Mobility Service automates and simplifies cloud migrations

How Veritas Automates Cloud Migration

The Veritas Application Mobility service manages cloud migrations as a 3-step process that is easy to set up and manage using an intuitive cloud-based user interface that reduces operational overhead:

  1. Connect: the mobility service connects to your existing on-premises environment via a gateway node that manages communications between your environment and the Application Mobility Service.   
  2. Discover: once connected, the Application Mobility Service discovers your applications, including all their dependencies and configuration details
  3. Migrate: now that your applications have been discovered, you create and execute a customized migration plan that implements a twin environment in the cloud. From there, you can switch over your on-premises applications seamlessly, with no application downtime

InfoScale is designed to manage both on-premises and cloud-based applications and includes agents that are custom-developed to integrate with cloud native services (ex: cloud IP addresses and cloud storage) to monitor and manage service uptime in the cloud.  A critical part of a successful cloud migration is ensuring that your data is fully replicated to the cloud.  The mobility service can optionally manage the replication process using InfoScale’s Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR) which provides continuous data replication that maintains write-order fidelity to ensure data consistency across environments. If you prefer to use another method or tool to replicate your data to the cloud, this is fully supported and integrated into the Application Mobility Service migration workflow.

Availability and Mobility in the Cloud

Cloud providers operate using a shared responsibility model, which means when you migrate your applications to the cloud, they won’t be automatically highly available since the cloud service providers do not provide this functionality natively with Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings.  You still need to make sure your applications are configured to be highly available and resilient in the cloud, and Veritas is working to automate and simplify this process too.

Veritas is focused on making your cloud experience as smooth as possible and provides additional functionality that will enable your business to run in a multi-cloud model without most of the complexity involved in configuring cross-platform operations.  After your initial migration to the cloud, Veritas can help you automate cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud HADR configurations to simplify the overall process of establishing a HADR configuration with the flexibility to span cloud regions or even different cloud providers: 

  1. Define a resiliency policy that meets your HADR requirements
  2. Configure the DR site in another region within the same cloud or in another cloud
  3. Enable data replication between your cloud networks

Figure 2 is an example of how Veritas will automate your cloud migration and then help simplify the process of making your cloud environment highly available and resilient once you’ve completed the initial cloud migration.

Figure 2. Automated cloud migration and HADR configuration in the cloud



Migrating your IT business services to the cloud can be challenging when you don’t have the tools to deliver a smooth, predictable, and efficient migration experience.  The Veritas Application Mobility Service enables and simplifies your migration to the cloud, and Veritas is evolving to automate the process of making your applications highly available in the cloud once you’ve migrated – so you can run your critical IT services in the cloud with confidence.

For more information on the Veritas Application Mobility Service, check out this overview

For a short demo of the Application Mobility Service, check out the video in this link.

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