Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Release Notes

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Product(s): Appliances (5.3)
Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

NetBackup 53xx hardware features

The 53xx appliances can only be configured as a media server.

The NetBackup 53xx appliances offer the following features:

  • Memory

    The 5340 has 768 GB of RAM that runs at 2666 MHz.

    The 5350 has 768 GB of RAM that runs at 2666 MHz.

  • Speed

    The 5340 has Base 2.0GHz and a Peak of 3.7GHz 20-core processors.

    The 5350 has Base 2.0GHz and a Peak of 3.7GHz 20-core processors.

  • Operating voltage

    The 5340 operates at 1.2V.

    The 5350 operates at 1.2V.

  • A resilient storage architecture

    The redundant components of the NetBackup 53xx Appliances allow the appliance to remain productive, even when a hardware component fails. This feature minimizes the effect of a hardware failure on your operations until the faulty part can be replaced.

  • Hot-swappable components

    The 53xx external RAID controllers are hot-swappable so that a faulty controller can be replaced without interrupting your operations.

  • Multiple redundant data paths

    The NetBackup 53xx have redundant data paths for all critical storage. These paths mean that it can withstand multiple component failures and still operate.

NetBackup 5340 and 5350 Appliance storage capacities

The 5340 and 5350 compute nodes do not contain internal disk space on which to store data. Instead, these models use the required Veritas 5U84 Primary Storage Shelf as the main data storage device. The 5U84 Primary Storage Shelf connects to the compute nodes and use RAID 6 drive sets to protect the stored data.

If additional data storage space is required, you can connect up to three optional Veritas 5U84 Expansion Storage Shelves to the existing 5U84 Primary Storage Shelf. The 5U84 Expansion Storage Shelves connect to the 5U84 Primary Storage Shelf using SAS3 data cables. After connecting the shelves, the disk drives in the 5U84 Expansion Storage Shelf use RAID 6 sets that are controlled by the 5U84 Primary Storage Shelf to protect the stored data.

Table: NetBackup 5340 and 5350 Appliance storage options by disk drive capacities

Usable storage capacities (4-TB Drives)

Usable storage capacities (8-TB Drives)

































For more information, see the Veritas 5340 Appliance Product Description Guide and the Veritas 5350 Appliance Product Description Guide.

For more information about the hardware architecture of NetBackup Appliances, see the NetBackup Appliance and Veritas Storage Shelf Product Description document.