Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Release Notes

Last Published:
Product(s): Appliances (5.3)
Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

About the 5U84 storage shelves

The NetBackup 5340 and the NetBackup 5350 compute nodes do not contain any internal storage. Both configurations rely on the use of external storage shelves as follows.

  • 5U84 Primary Storage Shelf (required)

    This shelf connects directly to the compute node and to any optional Expansion shelves.

  • 5U84 Expansion Storage Shelf (optional, up to three shelves)

    These shelves connect directly to the Primary shelf.

Features of the 5U84 storage shelves include:

  • The storage shelves require a 220VAC at 20A with C19 and C20 connectors.

  • A storage shelf without disk drives weighs up to 61.65kg (135.72lbs). The disk drives ship separately from the storage shelf. Install the disks after the shelf has been installed into the rack.

  • From the inside of the front post to the inside of the rear post the rails measure 713mm to 884mm (28in to 34.8in). Be sure that your rack accommodates this distance. Allow extra space to accommodate power strips, power cords, and other cables.

  • Half capacity storage shelves are available if desired. For details about available storage capacities, see the NetBackup 5340 Appliance Product Description Guide and the NetBackup 5350 Appliance Product Description Guide.