Veritas NetBackup™ Getting Started Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.1.1, 8.1)

About NetBackup

NetBackup provides a complete, flexible data protection solution for a variety of platforms. The platforms include Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems.

NetBackup lets you back up, archive, and restore files, folders or directories, and volumes or partitions that reside on your computer.

NetBackup includes the server and the client software as follows:

  • Server software resides on the computer that manages the storage devices.

    • The master server manages backups, archives, and restores. You configure backup policies on the master server to determine the computers (clients) and the files that you want to back up. The master server is also responsible for media and device selection for NetBackup. The master server contains the NetBackup catalog. The catalog contains the internal databases that contain information about NetBackup backups and configuration.

    • Media servers provide additional storage by allowing NetBackup to use the storage devices that are attached to them. Media servers can also increase performance by distributing the network load. Media servers can also be referred to as device hosts.

  • Client software resides on the computers that contain data to back up. (Servers also contain client software and can be backed up.)

NetBackup also accommodates multiple servers that work together under the administrative control of one NetBackup master server (see Figure: Example of a NetBackup environment).

Figure: Example of a NetBackup environment

Example of a NetBackup environment

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