Veritas NetBackup™ Getting Started Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.1.1, 8.1)

About NetBackup configuration

After you install the software on the servers and the clients, you must set up or configure where your backups are stored. The NetBackup Administration Console provides several configuration wizards. These wizards help you configure where you want files to be stored and which media device is used for storage.

NetBackup Administration Console

The NetBackup Administration Console is the graphical user-interface that assists you with NetBackup configuration and operation. Anytime the console is open, you can press the F1 key on your keyboard to launch the help.

Configure Storage Devices

Use this wizard to configure the storage devices that you want NetBackup to use. The wizard uses device serialization to configure robotic libraries and drives.

Configure Disk Storage Servers

Use this wizard to create and configure a storage server and a disk pool to use the new storage server.

Configure Cloud Storage Server

Use this wizard to create a cloud storage server and a disk pool, to allow NetBackup to send your data to your cloud storage provider.

Configure Disk Pool

Use this wizard to create and configure a disk pool and a storage server to use the disk pool.

Confgure Volumes

Use this wizard to configure the removable media to use for backups.

Configure the Catalog Backup

Use this wizard to specify how and when NetBackup configuration and catalog information are to be backed up. Catalog backups are essential to recovery of your data, in case of a server failure or crash.