Oracle tablespace backup fails with the Error 0xe0001402

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Performing an Oracle tablespace backup fails with the below mentioned error

Error Message

Final error: 0xe0001402 - This server name is not in the list of authentication credentials on the media server. Enter the server name and its logon account on the media server, and then retry the operation.


This error occurs when the Oracle server name is not added in Backup Exec. To add the Oracle server name, follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Open the Backup Exec console, then click on Tools > Options > Oracle.
2. Click on the Modify List button as shown in Figure 1. Add the Oracle server name and the logon account name to the media server's list of Oracle servers and authentication credentials using (1) the fully qualified domain name, (2) NetBIOS name and (3) IP address as separate entries, each using the same logon account
Figure 1 
3.  From the Authentication Credentials for Oracle and DB2 Servers dialog box, server names and logon accounts can be added, edited, or deleted.

Figure 2

Note : Before starting any backup or restore operations, on the computer on which the Oracle instances are installed, ensure that the Remote Agent Utility has been configured with the correct instance and database access information.

To configure the Oracle Agent on Windows computers:

4. On the computer on which the Remote Agent is installed, on the taskbar, click Start > All Programs > Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers > Backup Exec Remote Agent Utility.

Figure 3

If the Remote Agent Utility is already running, an icon appears in the system tray; double click on this icon to view the utility.

Figure 4

5. Select the Publishing tab; select the check box labeled Enable the Remote agent to publish information to the media servers in the list, then add the media server's fully qualified domain name, NetBIOS name and IP address.

6. Select the Oracle tab. To add an instance, click on New and the instance; any instances that currently exist on the computer appear on the tab. These instances can be edited or deleted, or information about the instances viewed.

7. Click on the Database Tab under Backup Exec Remote Agent utility.

8.  Check Enable media server authentication for Oracle and DB2 operations to enter the credentials that the media server will use for all operations on the Oracle and DB2 servers, including DBA-initiated operations. The media server also uses these credentials for authentication of the Oracle and DB2 servers. This option must be checked to enable DB2 and Oracle operations between the media server and the Oracle server.

Figure 5

9. Check Use the full computer name or IP address for Oracle and DB2 operations and add the Oracle Server name.

Note: The logon account used in steps #2 and #8 should be in the same format. Also ensure that name of the oracle server should be in the same format in steps 2 and 8.

Once everything is configured correctly, backups should complete successfully.


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