Unable to login to the Clearwell user interface, 'Appliance is not currently available for use'


When the user attempts to access the application through the browser, they get an error message upon trying to login.

Error Message

"Appliance is not currently available for use"


"This Clearwell appliance is not currently available for use"


The following scenarios can cause this issue.

Scenario 1

The ESA setting esa.case.backupDir is set to a path that is no longer available.   When the Clearwell system comes up during the initialization phase it starts working on restoring.  The issue is that the system does not finish initializing so the user is not given the ability to login.  There is no easy way to adjust the esa.case.backupDir before logging in.

Scenario 2

If the Clearwell server’s windows system time is more than 5 minutes apart from the server performing authentication.

Scenario 3

The MySQL databases are not available.

Scenario 4

A folder that was not originally created by the Clearwell installation has been inserted within the Clearwell folder structure which should not be there.

Scenario 5

A Clearwell patch failed to complete installation.


Solution 1

The following is a workaround to restore the esa.case.backupDir to the original setting.

  1. From the appliance navigate to D:\CW\Vxxx\scratch\esa
  2. Make a copy of the file esa.properties
  3. Open esa.properties 
  4. Add the following line to the bottom of the file
  5. Save the file 
  6. Restart services

This sets the back up location to the default location.  After successful login configure esa.case.backupDir to the desired location.

Solution 2

These steps can be used to correct the time difference on the servers in the Clearwell environment.

  1. Login to each of the servers listed below through Windows remote desktop, keep all sessions open on the desktop for easy switching between appliances.
    1. All the Clearwell servers
    2. If the MySQL instance is setup on a remote server, connect to the MySQL server
  2. Ensure that the windows system time is synchronized across all the servers or the time difference is no more than 5 minutes difference.  The following command when run from a command prompt can be used to synchronize the time and date on all the servers

  3. Open the "Clearwell Utility" located on the desktop from the earlier launched remote desktop on the Clearwell slave / utility node(s)
    1. From the Clearwell Utility | run option #3 " Stop all Clearwell Services "
  4. Open the "Clearwell Utility" located on the desktop from the earlier launched remote desktop on the Clearwell master node.
    1. From the Clearwell Utility | run option #3 " Stop all Clearwell Services ".
  5. If the MySQL instance is located on a remote server, restart the MySQL service on the MySQL server.
  6. Use the "Clearwell Utility" from the earlier launched remote desktop on the Clearwell Master node.
    1. From the Clearwell Utility | run option #4 " Start all Clearwell Services ".
  7. After about 5 minutes has elapsed, then use the  "Clearwell Utility" from the earlier launched remote desktop on the Clearwell slave / utility node(s).
    1. From the Clearwell Utility | run option #4 " Start all Clearwell Services ".
  8. Wait about 5 minutes more to login to Clearwell system.
  9. Click System | Appliances and ensure that all Clearwell appliances listed show up as "On-Line" in the "status" column. 

Solution 3

Ensure that the following steps are performed to correct MySQL database connectivity.

  1. Make sure the MySQL service is running on the server that hosts the Clearwell databases.
  2. Make sure the Clearwell appliance can access the server that hosts the Clearwell databases.
  3. Please note that in some instances even though you can ping the MySQL database server and that you can connect from the cluster to the DB server the communication issue may persist. It is advisable to review the logs to see whether the hostname of the DB server is correct.

Solution 4 

In order to correct the issue where foreign folders are within the Clearwell folder structure, follow the steps below:

  1. Review the following example:

    [#71000] Admin Services Error : create() failed:  - invalid ID format: <FOLDERNAME>

    Note: The entry to the right of invalid ID format: (<FOLDERNAME>)
  2. Find the folder named FOLDERNAME using the following command line entry

    D:\CW\Vxxx\data>dir /s /b /ad "FOLDERNAME"
  3. Remove the folder from the locations resulting from the above command.
  4. Restart the Clearwell services.
  5. Attempt to log into Clearwell.

Solution 5

Each time the Clearwell services are started, the patch that failed to complete installation previously will attempt to launch the installation again.  To correct this issue, use the following steps:

  1. Disable the Clearwell services

    1. Go to START > RUN
    2. Type

    3. Change the STARTUP TYPE of all the services that begin with 'ESA' to DISABLED by going to the properties of each service and using the dropdown to change the STARTUP TYPE and click OK.
  2. Reboot the Clearwell server
  3. Find the patch ( locate the folder(s) with the most current date modified as there may be more than one with the same modified date ) that failed to complete installation.  To find the patch that failed to install, review the server log or check the name of the folder in the following location to see what patches are left to install:

    <Drive Letter>:\CW\Vxxx\Patches

    For example:

  4. Open Clearwell Commander.
  5. From the mouse menu, select ACTIONS > UPDATE MANAGER.
  6. In the list of patches, place a check on the box next to the patch(es) that matches the folder name(s) from step 3.
  7. Click on the button to the right that says APPLY.
  8. Once the button(s) change to APPLIED, close this window.
  9. Set all the Clearwell services to their previous state prior to step 1.
  10. Start the Clearwell services.

If re-applying the patch(es) does not resolve the issue, move the folders that are found in step 3 from that directory and then attempt to start the services.

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