How to completely Reinstall IGC

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The IGC configuration on a Clearwell appliance may need to be reinstalled due to a change in system configuration, a poor reboot, or otherwise.  In these circumstances, it may be necessary to reinstall IGC as a part of the remediation effort.

Before beginning, please locate the IGCAdmin installer from the folder "D:\CW\<CWversion>\utilities\IGCAdmin" on the Clearwell appliance or download the installation files from the support site as directed by Technical Support (if required).



Please follow these steps to completely reinstall IGC:

1. Clear the Native View Errors cache


1.1 Open the Clearwell User Interface and navigate to System.

1.2 Choose Support Features.

1.3 Pull down the option Clear Native View Rendering Errors.

1.4 Choose the case concerned from the pull down (Need to do this for each case).

1.5 Click the submit button.

1.6 Repeat this for all cases.


2.Uninstall current IGC


2.1 Log onto the Clearwell server as the IGC service account on the server (the account which runs the IGC service).

2.2 Open Control Panel and go to “Uninstall a Program”.

2.3 Remove Brava! Enterprise, then IGC Writer 4.0 or IGC Writer 5.0.

2.4 Reboot the server if requested.

2.5 Login again as the IGC service account.

2.6 Delete (or rename) the Folder: D:\IGC (If still exists after reboot).



3. RE-Install IGC using the IGC Installer


3.1 Locate the installer previously downloaded or located. (D:\CW\<CWversion>\utilities\IGCAdmin)

3.2 Double-click on “setup.exe”.

3.3 Follow the Installation prompts and Enter Password when prompted.

3.4 Another reboot may be required during the Install.


4. Check the Configuration of the CSF Writer



4.1 Log back into the server and open Devices and Printers. 

4.2 Set the CSF Writer as Default Printer (if not already).

4.3 Right-Click on CSF Writer and select Printing Preferences.

4.4 Verify that “Start Application” is directed to “D:\IGC\IGC-Writer\Net-ItNow.exe”.

4.5 Check that the option 'Start after printing' is selected.

4.6 The option 'Pass Parameters' is checked.

4.7 Check that these 7 parameters are selected:

  • Document Name
  • Group Filename
  • Printer Name
  • Number of Pages
  • Multipage
  • Orientation
  • Output Filename


4.8 Select “Disable the Messaging Interface”.

4.9 Post-printing options are clear.

4.10 Repeat the settings under “Printer Properties – Advanced Tab – Printing Defaults”.




How to find the Esa IGC Service Account:

1. Log into the Clearwell Appliance Server and open Services (Start > Run > "services.msc").

2. Note which account is the Log On As entry for the following services:

  • EsaIGCBravaLicenseService
  • EsaIGCJobProcessor


 How to manually Test IGC:

Please refer to the following article for information on how to test the IGC process manually

Note: If IGC is being re-installed to use a new Windows user account, it is also recommended, after the re-installation, to manually launch Outlook (“Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Outlook 2010”) as the new IGC user account and verify that no configuration prompts are being displayed. If prompted to configure Outlook, follow the options to configure Outlook with NO email account.

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