NetBackup Documentation 8.1.2

NetBackup Documentation 8.1.2

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Last Published: 2019-12-07
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Our Documentation Repository provides online books and PDFs for browse or search.  This page provides links the content that is stored in that location.

For information about NetBackup Appliance documentation see the following links:

Documentation Portal Notes:

  • NetBackup documentation is filtered by the latest release by default
  • Releases prior to 8.x, the documentation is only available in PDF format.
  • Click here for Compatibility Lists


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Type Notes
Entire Catalog 8.1.2 PDFs

 Some PDF files are the same for releases 8.1.1 and 8.1.

Self Service PDFs

 Updated for 8.1.2


Note: Except where noted, links below are to HTML books; you can access the PDF version by clicking the PDF icon at the upper right of the HTML book.

Note: If there is a version number next to the title, the content was not updated for release 8.1.2.


Release Notes




Web user interface administration

Administration of options


Administration of database agents




Other documents

NetBackup Self Service


Note: An Installation and Upgrade Checklist is available for NetBackup 8.x on the Services and Operations Readiness Tools web site to determine 8.x requirements and documentation for master server, media servers, and clients:

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