Smooth Sailing into Cloud Storage with Veritas NetBackup

보호 September 29, 2020

Want to write to cloud storage, but worried about the cost? Have you looked at secondary devices, or even NetBackup CloudCatalyst Appliances, but didn't want to deal with the effort? 

Well, you no longer have to. NetBackup 8.3 has just the thing for you—if you have an MSDP appliance or a BYO Linux server, you can now add the functionality to write dedupe data to object storage with just a few clicks, with no additional licensing or charge! Not only do you get easy dedupe to object storage, but since this builds off of the NetBackup CloudCatalyst technologies in MSDP-native, you also get self-descriptive buckets that offer cloud data reuse and added resiliency. This can be used as a direct target or as a copy for duplicated jobs. There's more—it will work for any data previously written to an existing MSDP pool or any storage supported by NetBackup (1400+ storage targets). 

Got backups from years ago you want to dedupe to LTR Archive cloud storage? Go ahead! Have some client-side dedupe jobs you want to be sent directly to the cloud? Works great! Are you taking protection points of database data dumped to Universal Share? Send that stuff too! 

NetBackup 8.3 is designed to maximize ease of use, resiliency, and cost efficiencies for customers to adopt cloud storage confidently. With no rehydration required in the deduplication process, users can benefit from up to 95% savings in cloud storage—no other data protection solution can do that. It's no longer about moving to the cloud—it's about moving in an efficient and sustainable way for your business. Check out how NetBackup 8.3 can help you streamline your cloud storage adoption in the demo below:

John Hink
Senior Principle Product Manager, Enterprise Data Protection
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