NetBackup Supports Seagate's Lyve Cloud

보호 March 31, 2021

When considering any new tech for ye ole datacenter, one thing always remains true: everything is better when partnered together. Everyone loves the epic crime-fighting partnership of the rich guy who dresses like a bat and his trusty sidekick bird boy, or what about the latest dynamic duo of the man who dresses like a bird and chases down the big three with his angry friend with a vibranium arm? Everything becomes that much cooler when EPIC forces align, hence why big-budget blockbuster crossovers continue to crush it financially, even on home streaming services.

Partnerships rule! And it's so much easier to choose solutions that are right for you when you know both sides of the partnership exist to make your day-to-day better. That's why we are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Seagate in their latest cloud storage offering: Seagate Lyve Cloud, supported directly by NetBackup.  

At their Datasphere 2021 conference, Seagate unveiled their all-new, all-awesome object storage service, Lyve Cloud: frictionless and secure cloud storage, available on the metro edge. Like all great things, affordable pricing and security are the focal point, it's easy to see why having another choice in the cloud storage mix is so appealing. Pair that with launch support from NetBackup, and you have a direct path to enterprise-grade data protection to Lyve Cloud that is secure, predictable, and simplified with affordability surrounding the entire process.

NetBackup 9 is primed with the latest releases to bring serious efficiency to any Seagate directed cloud backup. The ever-increasing simplicity of the web UI and API sets paired with intuitive role-based access controls makes the process of selecting and sending data to the cloud a breeze. Add on efficient network optimization and serious storage deduplication, and reducing backup windows and costs becomes attainable.  

Curious to learn more of the benefits of this awesome partnership? Check out the latest solution brief that showcases exactly how Veritas + Seagate is the right pair of partners to pick for your data protection and cloud storage.

Anthony Cusimano
Sr Mgr, Product Marketing CMO
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