Women’s History Month: Women at Veritas who are making history in our Cloud journey

Veritas Perspectives March 09, 2023

To celebrate and recognize Women’s History Month, along with International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023, we take a deeper dive into the women behind the scenes of Veritas’ journey to the Cloud and how they and our leadership are Embracing Equity (the 2023 IWD theme). 

I had an opportunity to connect with Connie Fang, an Engineering Program Manager, who is based at our Santa Clara, California headquarters and has been with Veritas for nine years. Connie is responsible for the delivery of Veritas Alta Backup as a Service, our Enterprise Cloud Data Management Platform, and other data protection products and services.


Q: Connie let’s start at the beginning. Who has inspired you to pursue a career in technology?

My brother-in-law, Stephen, has inspired me to pursue a career in technology because of his strong business acumen and outstanding ability to solve most complex customer problems for major stock markets, financial institutions, and telecom. He’s been so generous in sharing his tremendous knowledge in database and distributed computing and willing to mentor and encourage women to pursue their tech careers.

Q: Such an amazing mentor for you to have! Can you tell us more why your role is instrumental in Veritas’ journey to the Cloud?

By striving for continuous improvement, I bring a light-weight structure critical to successful implementation. I communicate transparently so that we can solve the right problems for customer-focused service delivery. I embrace the change needed to enable agility. Exuding energy and determination, my Engineering Core Team goes above and beyond to remove countless obstacles to meet seemingly mission impossible deadlines.

Q: This year’s International Women’s Day theme is Embrace Equity: what does equity mean to you?

Equity means giving all individuals what they need to be successful. Equity implies giving everyone a chance to grow and contribute regardless of their titles and experience levels. This allows us to create and embrace a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Q: Thank you Connie, how true. How do you feel your leadership has embraced equity within your team?

My leadership has embraced equity by giving people a sense of fairness and belonging within the group by treating everyone justly according to their circumstances. They provide the resources and opportunities for team members to succeed, considering their differences and barriers. Additionally, how I embrace equity within my own team is how I value a diversity of ideas and recognize people for their contributions. I create a safe environment where we respect people and listen to what they have to say. I call out discrimination and seek out inclusion.

Q: Sounds like an incredible team to be a part of. As we honor women’s history and International Women’s Day this month, can you tell us more about the unique barriers you have faced in your career and how you have overcome them?

As a woman, it’s easy to become the “best kept secret” in the organization. From time to time, there seems to be a wall that makes me invisible or convenient for others to ignore my expert opinions. I have overcome these barriers by continuing to provide value and help connect the dots. It takes time to build an excellent track record and gain the trust of others.

Q: Such great insight, Connie. What advice would you give other women who want to grow their career in technology?

I would advise all women to keep learning and stay curious; embrace new experiences; don’t be afraid to accept challenging assignments, and most importantly, enjoy the journey and lead with compassion.

Q: Thank you, Connie, for such great advice. Lastly, what excites you most about the future of Veritas?

I am excited about Veritas’ cloud transformation and continued leadership in data protection. I am also impressed by our team’s customer-centric innovation and dedication to support the Company’s vision.


Are you interested in learning more about Veritas’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion? Learn more about diversity and inclusion, and if you’re interested in joining #TeamVeritas, take a look at our open job roles.

Leanne Farmer
Sr Mgr, Global Staffing Human Resources

Connie Fang

Sr Princ Program Manager, GTO & Global Operations                   

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