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Registration process

1.     Create a Customer LearnCentral account (even if you are a Veritas partner who already has a LearnCentral account). The Veritas Certification exams are now available through the Veritas LearnCentral Portal.

  • Existing LearnCentral Portal Users: If you are an “Existing User” and have already participated in a Veritas Certification or Accreditation exam, your awards are now available to view or print from the ME tab of your account, by clicking on Completed Learning. If you have forgotten your LearnCentral Portal login credentials, select the “Forgot password” link from the Veritas LearnCentral Portal login page and follow the instructions provided. If you need further assistance logging in to this account, please contact your regional Veritas Education representative: North America/Latin AmericaEMEAAsia Pacific/Japan.
    • Note to Partners: The Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) exams are only visible to learners leveraging a Customer account at this time; consequently, we ask Partners to sign up for a Customer account. When doing so, it’s important that you use the same work email address you use to access PartnerNet. This step ensures transcripts for VCS exams taken under your Customer account can be added to your LearnCentral Partner account transcript. Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) exam registration instructions are available on the Training page in PartnerNet.
  • New LearnCentral Portal Users: If you are a new user and you would like to register for a Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) exam, you must create a new Veritas LearnCentral Portal account to be able to view and register for an exam. To create an account, select the Sign Up option from the Veritas LearnCentral Portal login page and follow the instructions provided. A guide and video on creating a Veritas LearnCentral Portal account can be found on the Veritas Education registration page.

2.     Purchase Training Units if necessary. The Veritas Certification exams can only be purchased with Training Units. For this reason, it’s important that the Company Name you enter when creating your account matches exactly with the Organization name on your Training Unit Agreement certificate. More info on Training Units can be found on the Purchase Options page of the Veritas Education website.

3.     Follow the detailed step-by-step registration instructions: Customers / Partners.

Please Note: Each exam registration entitles you to one attempt at passing the exam. You can only log into the exam once; you’re NOT able to exit the exam then relaunch it. Once you register for an exam, you will have up to 31 days to log in and complete the exam.

Certification exam fee

The fee for a standard certification exam is $200 USD/20 Training Units (or your country’s currency equivalent).

What are Veritas certification exams like?

Each certification exam is an electronic, performance-based, multiple-choice examination that gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of critical skills sets against published objectives. Each exam has a predefined time allowed. Please confirm timing allotted when registering for your exam. All exams are closed book, which means you may not have any printed material, computers or calculators with you during the exam. When you complete an exam, you will receive immediate on-screen feedback on your scoring.

Obtaining Veritas Certification

To become Veritas certified, candidates must pass the exam(s) available through the Veritas LearnCentral Portal. To assist in preparation for the certification exams, candidates are strongly encouraged to attend Veritas training course(s), in addition to meeting any necessary prerequisites, on-the-job experience and study. Be cautioned that attendance in a training course does not guarantee passage of a certification exam. See the Veritas Certification exam preparation information.

After successful completion

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a Veritas Certificate and access to the Veritas Certified logo to use on your business cards. You will also gain:

  • Industry credibility and market recognition – Skills verified by Veritas put you in an elite group of experts who are uniquely equipped with the abilities required to implement and manage Veritas solutions.
  • Greater potential for career advancement – Distinguishing yourself with a Veritas Certification increases your opportunities for advancement.

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