Are you maximizing your data’s information capital?

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Truly maximizing information capital requires an understanding of your unstructured data.

Are you actually getting value from your data? 

Are you keeping up with all the new data storage regulations? A new white paper from ESG examines IT managers’ proposed spending in the next 12-18 months in an effort to accomplish these goals. As the report states: “Doing nothing is not an option, though, if the competition has decided to make its own infrastructure more flexible, implement its own multi-cloud architecture, and extract value from its own unstructured data.”

The white paper details Veritas’ new Object-based Cognitive Object Storage (formerly Veritas Cloud Storage) with an emphasis on its Integrated Cognitive Engine. The engine can recognize a document’s characteristics and automatically apply predetermined storage actions to each new piece of unstructured data as it is ingested. The cognitive capabilities can accelerate compliance to regulations (like GDPR), and increase information capital—turning an organization’s data into a competitive asset rather than a burden.