Why join us

Data Drives Progress – So Do Our Values.

We have a clear mission: Enable organizations to harness the power of their information.

Why? Because truth in information drives human achievement. This mission inspires our shared purpose: turning complexity into possibility—for ourselves, for Veritas, for our clients and for the benefit of the wider world. Our business is diverse, our culture inclusive. Everything we do is guided by our values.

If you have real passion and you’re full of ideas about how we can do things differently, we’ll empower you to achieve, succeed and progress.

Join the company that provides a data management platform to address the core customer challenge of accessing, managing and analyzing all data, no matter where it is.

We believe we can achieve more when we work across portfolios, organizations and locations. Diversity in thought, perspective, experience and life is a vital part of our culture.

Our commitment to development, diversity, solving problems and succeeding sparks innovation and means we're always looking to tomorrow, not just today.

Our values mean nothing if we don't operate with complete integrity and accountability.

We believe we always achieve more when we're happy and fulfilled in our work.

Inclusivity at Veritas

Inclusivity is a vital part of what we’re about and how we work – we know that the more diverse our people are, the better placed we’ll be to innovate, solve problems and succeed. We believe our culture is defined through action. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide a forum for women and minorities to achieve their full potential and empower them to succeed, foster a culture of inclusion for all and help promote a culture of diversity.

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Create a better, brighter future for all.