Re-Architecting NetBackup with Containers for Modern Convergence

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With the contracting financial market, organizations are asking us to help reduce cost and simplify their environment. We have the answer. With our modern, hyperconverged, Enterprise Data Services Platform, we’re seeing a typical consolidation rate of 38 percent with a much better customer experience.

Given that we invest over $250M per year in R&D, a lot has changed. By using containerization and an entirely new platform, we can shatter recovery point objectives (RPOs) and total cost of ownership (TCO) with a fraction of the hardware or operational costs.

Join this webcast to learn how our modernized platform helps:

  • Leverage containerization—Consolidate multiple servers into one, regardless of application versions.
  • Increase backup server deployment speed—Deploy new instances in minutes in almost any configuration, allowing you to consolidate multiple, stand-alone media and primary servers on a single appliance.
  • Use backup as a service—Configure application instances into tenants with secure, isolated backup data storage and network traffic.
  • Simplify application upgrades—Using Docker container technology streamlines and simplifies application instance upgrades, reducing risks, complexity and support requests.
  • Reduce planned and unplanned downtime—Fully integrated active-active high availability greatly increases uptime per year, improves system throughput performance and reduces operational costs.



Steven Cisowski
Intermountain District Manager

Michael Lesicko
Veritas Sales Engineer

Tom Simerson
Veritas Sales Engineer