eDiscovery and Visibility in the Cloud with Veritas Digital Compliance Summer 2021 Portfolio Launch Webcast

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As “work-from-anywhere” continues to become the norm, our customers’ needs for eDiscovery and visibility of their data in the cloud is increasingly becoming a #1 priority. Requirements for data retention and supervision of modern communications platforms has increased the need to leverage the flexibility of the cloud. Organizations need to streamline their data governance to meet their compliance needs in a multi-cloud world.

During this webcast and informative demo, you’ll hear from our product leadership team, David Scott and Irfan Shuttari, about our latest product releases and major enhancements across our Digital Compliance portfolio.

  • Advanced eDiscovery:
  • End-to-end SaaS eDiscovery
  • Reactive collection of 120+ content sources
  • Metadata enrichment in rich, native view
  • Rapid search results with collaboration view for Microsoft Teams
  • Native Content Collection – Merge1 integration directly into Enterprise Vault.cloud
  • Merge1 – Adding Ring Central as a new connector capture source and major enhancements to five current connectors
  • Data Insight – Advanced integration enabling automated and simplified content classification

Join us to learn more about how Veritas is providing enterprise-level advanced eDiscovery, enabling compliance peace of mind.



David Scott
Director, Product Management, Veritas

Irfan Shuttari
Sr. Principal Product Manager, Veritas