What is Data Aware Storage?

Schutz October 04, 2022

Data awareness is multi-dimensional visibility into your storage, providing intelligence about your content, users, and activity.  Unlike running third-party software against your existing storage to generate audit trails and collect data for reporting, true data awareness is built right into the storage layer – operating ubiquitously as part of the fabric of the storage system itself.  This means it runs continually behind the scenes and can surface various insights on demand.

Who Uses Data Awareness?

It’s specifically an advantage for security, complianceeDiscoveryand IT.  In our series of posts on data aware storage, we’ll be discussing specific examples of each.

What are the Advantages of Data Aware Storage?

Data aware storage makes businesses more agile – enabling earlier identification of issues and risks, faster response to litigation and audits, and precise pinpointing of opportunities to manage and protect data assets more intelligently.  The bottom line: Less risk, less waste, and better control of litigation and storage costs.

Is Veritas Alta™ SaaS Protection Data Aware?

Yes, very much so!  To our understanding, Veritas is first to deliver data aware storage in the cloud.

We believe we take data awareness to new heights too – with our deep analysis framework operating at scale and integrating automatically with the near-real time policies of our built-in data governance apps. There’s an overview of data aware storage on our website.

In our next post, we’ll dig a little deeper into how data-aware storage works.  From there we’ll continue the data-aware storage series by digging into some concrete examples of its value to security, eDiscovery, and IT.

And if you’d like to see data awareness in action, we’d be happy to show you.  Just connect with us to schedule a demo.

Geoff Bourgeois
Chief Cloud Strategist