Exploiter le pouvoir des informations en adoptant une démarche responsable


2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Veritas aide les organisations à exploiter au mieux le pouvoir de leurs informations, en favorisant la responsabilité et la citoyenneté éthique des entreprises internationales, en mettant en avant un personnel talentueux, diversifié et ouvert, en respectant des pratiques environnementales solides et en capitalisant sur un impact social positif dans le monde entier.

A message from Greg Hughes 

Greg Hughes

At Veritas, we believe the world can change when you harness the true power of information, to empower people to discover the truth, to make the impossible possible Today, Veritas protects and manages data for 86% of the Fortune 500 Our solutions help organizations use their data to deliver better patient outcomes, protect military forces, and enable educational institutions to deliver low cost education to remote communities, to cite just a few examples

As we drive the future of our customers and our business, we’re also thinking carefully about the future of—and our impact on—our people, our communities, and the environment While Veritas has transitioned from an on-premise backup and recovery to a leading multi-cloud data management company, one thing that has remained constant is its deep and abiding sense of corporate responsibility

Just as we’re defined by our business mission and vision, we’re similarly characterized by our commitments to diversity and inclusion, corporate citizenship, and environmental sustainability This inaugural report provides an update on our progress in support of these three areas and I invite you to review it

I’m proud of the progress we’ve made and even more excited about our future.


Greg Hughes

Veritas Chief Executive Officer