Backup Exec 20.2 Readme

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Product(s): Backup Exec (20.2)

Agent for VMware notes

The following notes detail information about using the Agent for VMware:

  • Do not install Backup Exec on the same computer where the VMware vCenter is installed. This configuration is unsupported at this time and causes backup jobs to fail. You must install vCenter and Backup Exec on different computers.

  • A quiesced snapshot of a virtual machine that uses the VMware VSS provider may fail, which causes the backup job to fail with the following error:

    Final error: 0xe00095a7 - The operation failed because the vCenter or ESX server reported that the virtual machine's configuration is invalid.

    A quiesced snapshot could not be created for the virtual machine <machine name>.

    If you have VMware's VSS provider installed, try the following options to resolve the issue:

    • Follow the instructions in the following VMware tech note.

      If the issue is not resolved, then try the following options.

    • If a CD or DVD is attached to the virtual machine, remove it, and then run the job again with the VMware VSS provider.

    • If a CD or DVD is not attached to the virtual machine, install the Backup Exec VSS provider, and then run the job again.

The following notes detail information about known issues in the VMware VDDK 6 that affect Backup Exec. See the VMware VDDK 6 Release Notes for details.

  • SAN backups of cloned virtual machines on the same data center may fail or may fall back to NBD (if NBD is selected). Also, SAN redirected restore jobs may fail or fall back to NBD if the original virtual machine still exists on the same datastore.

  • Hotadd transport may fail or fall back to NBD for any disks that are larger than 2 TB on vVol datastores. This issue applies to both backup and restore jobs.

  • Hotadd transport may fail or fall back to NBD during a restore of a virtual machine to a vVol datastore if the Backup Exec server is on a different datastore.

The following note details information about instant recovery of a VMware virtual machine:

To run an instant recovery job for a backup set that is on one of the following devices, create a duplicate backup job and then target the backup job to a disk storage device. You can use the duplicate backup to create an instantly recovered virtual machine.

  • Tape storage

  • Deduplication disk storage

  • Cloud storage

  • Disk cartridge devices such as RDX