Veritas InfoScale 7.3.1 Getting Started Guide - Windows

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Product(s): InfoScale & Storage Foundation (7.3.1)

Planning tools

The InfoScale products offer the following planning tools:

Volume Replicator Advisor (VRAdvisor)

The VRAdvisor tool lets you collect and analyze data to optimize the replication settings for your environment.

The installer for this tool is available at the \Tools\storage_foundation location in the software package. For more information, refer to the Volume Replicator Administrator's Guide.

Windows Data Collector

The Windows Data Collector tool lets you gather information about the systems in your network. It thus helps you verify your system configuration before you begin with the product installation.

Windows Data Collector is available on the SORT website, and you can also access it from the Veritas Product Installer. For more information, refer to the Veritas InfoScale Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Veritas Cluster Server Simulator

Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) Simulator lets cluster administrators simulate and test application failover scenarios without affecting production environments.

VCS Simulator is available at: