How to meet the prerequisites for centralized and decentralized data collection using APTARE IT Analytics

How to meet the prerequisites for centralized and decentralized data collection using APTARE IT Analytics

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Last Published: 2020-10-12
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This Tech Note applies to APTARE IT Analytics version 10.3.0 and 10.4.0 and is intended to be a high level understanding of Centralized & Decentralized Data Collection prerequisites.  For details on installation refer to the APTARE Technical Documentation.

Centralized Collection

A centralized APTARE Data Collector is installed on a dedicated NetBackup Master that collects from remote NetBackup Masters via NetBackup commands and SSH or WMI.  Centralized collection can be used for NetBackup Master Servers installed on Linux, Windows or NetBackup Flex Appliance

1.     A Centralized Collector must have the same version (major and minor) of NetBackup Master Server Software installed as the systems it is collecting against.

2.     The Centralized Collector NetBackup Master Server installation must not be configured for backup jobs, disks or tapes. It must be dedicated for use as an APTARE collector.

3.     Trusted connections between the Centralized Collector and Master Servers and Media Servers running Tape libraries must be created as documented in the APTARE Online documentation.  Additionally, you will need to follow the steps outlined in this technote.

4.      If DNS is not in use, then all hosts IP addresses being collected from (including media servers) must be entered in the hosts files on every system. If the Master Servers are running on the NetBackup Flex Appliance, then host entries should be made according to this document


5.     To enable the SLP Job Details probe, you must enter SSH login information in the APTARE UI for any Linux Master Server so that the command nbstlutil can be run on the Master Server. This user does not have to be privileged. If the Master Server is a Windows Master Server, then WMI information must be entered according to the APTARE Online documentation.

6.     Centralized collection is not available for NetBackup Appliances 3.1.2 and higher (see Decentralized Collection below)

Decentralized Collection

A decentralized APTARE Collector is installed directly on the Master Server. It only collects from this Master server and attached Media Servers and therefore should be the only server configured in an APTARE collection policy.

1.     If the Master Server is installed on a NetBackup Appliance 3.1.2 or higher, then a Support Exception should be applied for.

2.     Decentralized collection is not available for Master Servers installed on a NetBackup Flex Appliances (see Centralized Collection above)


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