Exporting an archive to a PST file

Exporting an archive to a PST file

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Exporting an archive to a PST file.
Import PST failed.
How to recover the archives.


There are two methods to export an archive to a PST:

Method 1 - Export Wizard

This is the best method for a bulk restore of an archive to a PST file. To start the export:
  1. In the left-hand pane of the Administration Console, right-click the Archives icon.

Archive Icon for Export
       2. On the shortcut menu, click Export.
Export Archive

       3. Work through the Export Archive wizard to complete the export

Only items that have been archived from mailboxes can be exported, not items archived from public folders or SharePoint workspaces.

When exporting, the output can be filtered by date and by retention category. For example, items could exported less than a year old that were archived with a retention category of Business.

When exporting to PST files, the wizard allows to control the maximum size of the output files. The default maximum of 600 MB is ideal for writing to CD. If a file reaches the maximum size, the wizard automatically creates a numbered sequence of files, none of which exceeds the maximum size.

Folders in PST files can contain a maximum of 16,383 items. This is a PST file limitation. If a folder reaches this limit the Export Archive wizard automatically creates a new folder of the same name but with a number suffix. For example, if folder Inbox is full, the Export Archive wizard automatically creates 'Inbox 1' to hold further items.  The wizard creates, for each PST file, a configuration file that might be needed if it's intended to import the PST file contents back into Enterprise Vault.

Method 2 - EV Search
Open Default Search Policy, under Policies in the Vault Admin Console. Open the "Features" tab and "check" PST in the "Allow export to the following formats"
DefaultSearch Policy Properties

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