V-225-325 - How to run pdde_gc.exe to free space occupied by Backup Exec deduplication storage on volume.

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最終公開日: 2018-05-23
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製品: Backup Exec


The latest version of Backup Exec (Version 20) uses a newer deduplication version. To convert to the latest deduplication version Backup Exec needs 12% (of the total volume) free disk space on the volume that contains the Deduplication Storage folder, which was configured in Backup Exec 16 or earlier version.

The tool Pdde_gc.exe is a standalone executable, which can be used to reclaim space (at least 12% space) on the volume so that the conversion completes successfully.

  1. Go to BE DVD and mount the ISO to install Backup Exec or upgrade an earlier version of Backup Exec, the location is <mounted-path>\BE\WinNT\Install\PDDEMigration
  2. Go to command line and run pdde_gc.exe without any parameters.

If you require more free space, perform the following steps:

  1. Expire some backup sets on the deduplication storage from the Backup Exec console.
  2. Run CR queue processing two times.
  3. Run pdde_gc.exe to try and free the required space.


UMI : V-225-325

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