Veritas Quick Assist

Enhance your troubleshooting abilities with VQA

The Veritas Quick Assist (VQA) diagnostic tool provides the following value when troubleshooting in your environment.

  • Auto-detection of issues (self-help)
  • Optimized data collection
  • Create/update cases with evidence


Veritas Quick Assist (VQA) for Windows

Veritas Quick Assist (VQA) collects technical diagnostic data for many Veritas products. Scans can be run against the system for common issues as well as installation requirements. The information presented in the Report and Information tabs not only shows the issues diagnosed, but it also provides actionable solutions.

The documentation will go over how to use the Self Help scan.

Veritas Quick Assist (VQA) for Linux

VQA for Linux is a command line tool. It is capable of running network diagnostics from the origination host to one or more target hosts. It is also capable of collecting NetBackup NBSU diagnostic data packages from one or more local and/or remote hosts. Once the diagnostic data collections have completed, the data package must be sent back to Veritas for analysis.


Supported Products

Backup Exec

Data Insight

Desktop Laptop Option

eDiscovery Platform

Enterprise Vault


System Recovery


Flex Scale*

* NetBackup, Flex and Flex Scale support currently includes remote data collection. Future releases will bring self-help, reporting and additional data collection modules.