NetBackup 8.2 plugin for MongoDB now available!

Veritas Technologies now offers NetBackup 8.2 plugin for MongoDB to enable data protection of various MongoDB environments. NetBackup supports the following MongoDB environments for both MongoDB Community and Enterprise Editions:

  • Backup of Sharded clusters
  • Backup of Replica sets
  • Backup of Standalone MongoDB instances
  • Multiple MongoDB instances on a single node

The NetBackup plugin for MongoDB leverages the NetBackup Parallel Streaming Framework (PSF) to accelerated job processing by backing up data in parallel streams to multiple backup hosts and. The PSF also enables a thin client-based, agentless backup wherein the backup and restore operations run on the backup hosts. There is no agent management required on the cluster nodes.

The NetBackup plugin for MongoDB requires the 8.2 release of NetBackup. The MongoDB plugin can be downloaded from the Veritas Download Center. This plugin needs to be installed on the NetBackup client, media server, or master server to make it a backup host. NetBackup Appliance and Flex Appliance are also supported as a backup host. After installation of the plugin for MongoDB, also install the required NetBackup EEB. The EEBs are included within the plugin download package.

A guided configuration of the required MongoDB credentials and global parameters in NetBackup is provided through enhancements to the tpconfig utility. See the NetBackup 8.2 Plugin for MongoDB Administrators Guide for more information.

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