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NetBackup 8.1.1 / 3.1.1 CloudCatalyst EEB Bundle (Etrack 3956754)

HotFix Critical


A hotfix is available for NetBackup 8.1.1 / 3.1.1 which resolves issues seen after an upgrade


Added A hotfix is available for NetBackup 8.1.1 which resolves the following issues seen after an upgrade:

  • The cache eviction takes a long time. The delete request prevents the upload request.
  • Performance improvement for uploads to cloud
  • Certain error conditions could cause failed uploads to be reported as successful resulting in potential data loss.
  • A hang could occur after several hours or days as a result of a previous non-graceful service shutdown.
  • A fix to the Azure plugin is included - vxesp crashes leading to hung CC jobs.
  • The rocksdb library has been upgraded to the latest available version to prevent vxesfsd crashes.
  • The cache eviction logic fails on some CloudCatalyst servers installed on xfs or other filesystems.This results in a cache full scenario and jobs failing with write errors.
  • vxesfsd is crashing in rocksdb. Set FSDB block cache size or disable it.
  • vxesfsd crashes in del_file when deleting a file which had nlink set to 0 in FSDB.
  • vxesfsd is crashing in esfs_opendir() due to a null-pointer exception.
  • vxesfsd is crashing in boost libraries. Remove boost from vxesfsd.
  • Added more detailed logging for cache eviction.
  • Do not run cache eviction every 10 seconds if very little space is freed.
  • Do not use status 1 in image stat file because it is treated as success by MSDP.
  • Avoid crash from incorrect path in upload file list.
  • Do not use world-writable permissions on created directories.
  • Make sure that correct status is returned on failure for rmdir.
  • Do not write __EMPTYFILE__ into .bin/.bhd files
  • Download size is not the same value as fsdb. Disable download size check in case the
  • size in fsdb is incorrect.
  • Cannot remove certain directories. Change rmdir logic of checking directory is empty.
  • This change makes sure that directory with garbage data is able to be deleted.
  • vxesfsd crashing. Set max open file to limit RocksDB memory allocation. The allocated
  • RSS memory will never be larger than 1GB.


Added to Version 13:

  • Implement write pause instead of fail when the cache hits the high watermark (the cache is full). Container write will be paused during cache eviction time.
  • ET 3990062:
  • Improve performance of opendir/readdir (remove support for optional d_type on readdir since MSDP does not use it)
  • Cache eviction improvements
  • Skip bhd files and recently modified files during cache eviction
  • If unable to reclaim enough space, consider them for eviction the next time
  • Check disk usage no more than once every 10 seconds
  • Cache sys_ino for /data and /databases for performance
  • Remove unnecessary lock for esfs_opendir for MSDP performance
  • Improve parse_upload_filelist performance
  • Cache sys_ino values while parsing the filelist to reduce stress on fsdb
  • Assume root directory is ESFS_ROOT_INO instead of querying fsdb on every esfs_lookup call
  • Fix error status for readonly mode for upload msdp system files
  • Avoid possible duplicate ino in case of fsdb error
  • ET 3990446: Propogate error properly on failed cloud delete request


Versions Affected

  • NetBackup 8.1.1
  • NetBackup Appliance 3.1.1

Update files

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Severity Possible Data Loss Description Duplication jobs to the cloud using NetBackup CloudCatalyst will complete with status 0, but if the CloudCatalyst cache volume becomes full, data loss can result. Versions Affected NetBackup 8.1 EEB 3958410...