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NetBackup Primary Server Migration Tool 2.1



NetBackup Primary Server Migration Tool 2.1


The NbServerMigrator tool migrates one NetBackup Primary server to another NetBackup Primary server of the same hostname.

The NbServerMigrator tool is compatible with NetBackup versions 8.1.2 to 10.1.1. For BYO, NBA, Flex and NBFS version support and detailed migration support matrix please refer to "NetBackup_Primary_Server_Migration_2.1_Guide.pdf


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How to Use the NbServerMigrator tool

For Installation/Uninstallation Instructions and Usage of NbServerMigrator tool please refer "NetBackup_Primary_Server_Migration_2.1_Guide.pdf"


For getting more information about NbServerMigator known-issues and their solutions, refer



Files                                                              cksum                     ByteCount

NBSM_2.1_Linux_x64.tar                         3813854783           42137600

NBSM_2.1_NBUAppliance.tar                 3813854783           42137600           988875832             61994425

NBSM_2.1_solaris10.tar                          2053184138           45510656

NBSM_2.1_solaris_x86_10_64.tar         2211793576           41201664 

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