Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Release Notes

Last Published:
Product(s): Appliances (5.3)
Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

About the NetBackup appliance 5.3

The NetBackup Appliance Release Notes document is meant to act as a snapshot of information about a version of NetBackup Appliance at the time of its release. Old information and any information that no longer applies to this release is either removed from the release notes, and you can check old information in the previous NetBackup Appliance documentation set.

When an appliance is released, the latest version of NetBackup is used as a basis on which the appliance code is built. That ensures that all applicable features, enhancements, and fixes that were released within NetBackup are included in the latest release of the appliance.

This release incorporates fixes to several known issues that existed with the NetBackup Appliance software. Many of these issues pertain to the customer-specific issues that have been documented in the form of technical support cases. Many of the fixes that are incorporated into this release are available as individual engineering binaries and engineering bundles (EEBs). These EEBs were created to address specific customer issues with a previous version of the NetBackup Appliance software. The engineering binaries and bundles that are created and included can be found on the Veritas Services and Operations Readiness Tools (SORT), and in the Release content appendix of this document.

NetBackup software version 10.3 is included with the NetBackup appliance 5.3 release. Information about the new features, enhancements, and fixes found in NetBackup 10.3 can be found in the NetBackup 10.3 Release Notes document on the Veritas Support website.