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Product(s): Backup Exec (20.2)

Agent for Oracle notes

The following notes provide information about using the Backup Exec Agent for Oracle on Windows or Linux Servers with an Oracle 12c database:

  • Before running a pluggable database (PDB) point-in-time (PIT) restore, either server-initiated or dba-initiated, you must manually add a non-admin Oracle user to the administrators group, and then restart the Oracle service. This condition is applicable only if the Oracle 12c database is running on a Windows server with a non-admin Oracle user.

  • If the Oracle instance you want to protect is part of an Oracle 12c RAC on Linux, switch to the Oracle user, and then run the Backup Exec Agent Utility for configuring the Oracle instance on each RAC node.

  • For configuring the Oracle 12c instance in the Backup Exec Agent Utility, use a user that has SYSBACKUP privileges.

  • Oracle does not recommend restoring only the ROOT database because it might cause metadata inconsistencies. Instead, you should recover the whole container database (CDB).

  • The point-in-time (PIT) restore job of the root fails with an error message: "Specifying CDB$ROOT database is not supported".

    This feature is not supported by Oracle.

  • The Oracle Agent Utility cannot validate a path specified on the ASM disk and accepts the path as specified. Therefore, you must ensure that the path you entered is correct and accessible.

  • During a pluggable database (PDB) point-in-time (PIT) restore, the restore job is in a queued state for 10 minutes by default. After 10 minutes, the restore job resumes. See the following technote for more information.