NetBackup™ Web UI VMware Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.1.2)

Recover individual files from an instant access VM

You can browse an instant access image of the VM to recover individual files.


For notes and limitations on using instant access VMs:

See Things to consider before you use the instant access feature.

To recover an individual file from an instant access VM

  1. On the left, click VMware.
  2. Locate and click on the VM.
  3. Click the Recovery points tab. In the calendar view, click the date on which the backup occurred.

    The available images are listed in rows with the backup timestamp for each image.

  4. On the image you want to recover from, click Recover > Browse files for single file recovery.

    NetBackup creates an instant access mount point in the background.

  5. Select a single file (not a folder or multiple files).

    Click on a folder to drill into it. Use the home icon to navigate back to higher levels in the hierarchy. For example:

  6. Select the recovery method:

    • Click Download to download the file to your local host.

      At the prompt, accept the SSL certificate that the NetBackup Appliance web server uses. If your company uses third-party SSL certificates, you can deploy the corresponding root CA SSL certificate to your environment. If you do so, acceptance of the certificate is no longer required.


      The web UI must be able to access the NetBackup media server with the same name or IP address that the NetBackup master server uses to connect to that media server.

      See Error encountered when downloading files from an instant access VM.

    • Click Restore to restore the file to its original VM.

      Enter the user name and password for the VM and the destination path in the VM (the default is the original file path).


      The web UI does not currently support restoring the file to a different VM or to a different VMware server.

  7. Click Restore.