Veritas NetBackup™ Upgrade Quick Start Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.2)

Preinstall procedure for upgrading to NetBackup 8.2

Use the following procedure to upgrade your environment to NetBackup 8.2.

Veritas has developed tools to help you perform the extra step that is required for the guided method. For more details, contact your Business Critical Services (BCS) representative.

Additional steps are required if the NetBackup upgrade includes an upgrade to RHEL 7.5 and you use Fibre Transport Media Server (FTMS). More information is available.

See the NetBackup Upgrade Guide.


Remember to update NetBackup OpsCenter to version 8.2 before you update your NetBackup master servers to version 8.2. You must also disable OpsCenter data collection. See the NetBackup OpsCenter Administrator's Guide for complete information.

Be aware there is a known issue for OpsCenter upgrades on 64-bit Windows platforms. If language packs or Maintenance Packs are installed, the upgrade can fail. More information about this issue is available.

You can disable the OpsCenter data collection for a specific master server. If you disable data collection, you can upgrade your master server before your OpsCenter server. Disabling data collection results in known issues. More information about disabling data collection and the risks is available.

See the NetBackup Upgrade Guide.


For NetBackup installations that include globally clustered master servers using the Global Cluster Option (GCO), follow the upgrade planning guidelines in this guide. Then, refer to the following document for the specific steps to upgrade these servers:

Preinstall steps to upgrade to NetBackup 8.2 and complete the image metadata migration

  1. Perform environment checks with the SORT tool.

    See the NetBackup Upgrade Guide.

  2. Download the Customer Registration Key for Veritas Smart Meter. More information about Veritas Smart Meter is available.

    See the NetBackup Upgrade Guide.

    During install and upgrade to NetBackup 8.1.2, please allow the installer to copy the veritas_customer_registration_key.json file to its final destination. NetBackup can set the file permission and ownership correctly through this process. If you place the file onto your systems outside of the install or the upgrade process, the process may not work correctly.

  3. Perform any pre-upgrade tasks that you would normally do in regard to your NetBackup environment. For example:

    • Stop all customized or third-party scripts.

    • Perform any cluster-specific tasks.

    • Run a hot catalog backup.

    • Disable OpsCenter data collection for this master server.

    • Disable all storage lifecycle policies (SLPs).

    • Deactivate all NetBackup policies.

    • Deactivate all disk staging storage units for all pre-NetBackup 7.5.x environments.

    • For clustered systems only, take the following NetBackup resources offline:

      • Windows Server Failover Clusters (WSFC): Take all of the NetBackup group resources offline except for the disk, the virtual name, and the virtual IP address. Refer to the Microsoft Cluster Administration documentation to determine how to take the NetBackup group resources offline through the cluster administrator interface.

      • Cluster Server (VCS) clusters: Take the NetBackup resource offline.

        Freeze the NetBackup group with the -persist option using the command shown:

        hagrp -freeze NetBackup_service_group -persistent

      Refer to the Veritas NetBackup Clustered Master Server Administrator's Guide for the commands to take these resources offline.

  4. (Conditional) If you plan to change your NetApp cluster to Vserver mode from node scope mode, create a detailed image report for each filer. You can generate this report with the bpimagelist command. The example that is shown is one possible option. Use whatever options are necessary for your environment.

    bpimagelist - client ndmp_host_name

  5. Beginning with NetBackup 8.0, the NetBackup master server includes a configured Tomcat web server to support critical backup operations. This web server operates under user account elements with limited privileges. These user account elements must be available on each master server (or each node of a clustered master server). More information is available:

    See the NetBackup Upgrade Guide.


    Veritas recommends that you save the details of the user account that you use for the NetBackup Web Services. A master server recovery requires the same NetBackup Web Services user account and credentials that were used when the NetBackup catalog was backed up.


    If the NetBackup PBX is running in secure mode, please add the web service user as authorized user in PBX. More information about determining PBX mode and how to correctly add users is available.

  6. Stop any applications on the system that interact with NetBackup. This step includes any databases or system components being backed up. Failure to stop these applications may result in unexpected behavior. Observed behavior includes aborted upgrades and application failures.

    For Oracle users, you must take down your database and your listener processes before you upgrade.

    If you cannot stop your Oracle database, a procedure is available that may let you install NetBackup with the Oracle database active. More information on this topic is available.

  7. Stop all NetBackup services.

    • On UNIX systems: /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bp.kill_all

    • On Windows systems: install_path\NetBackup\bin\bpdown -f

The preinstall procedure is completed. Proceed to upgrade the NetBackup binaries.