How to adjust the LLTTAB file manually for updating NICs or cluster configuration

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Typically, adjusting the LLT links for updated NICs or during cluster configuration is done through the Veritas Cluster Configuration Wizard; however, in some instances (where the cluster will not start due to LLT communication being down), it is necessary to manually edit the LLTTAB file for updating the new MAC addresses, or adjusting the heartbeat communication links directly


To change the LLTTAB.txt:

1) Open a command prompt and stop cluster services on all nodes:
   hastop -local -force (this will shut down the cluster services, but not the applications that are currently online on this node)

then run:

   net stop llt /y   (this stops the heartbeat communication of the cluster)

2) Navigate to C:\Program Files\Veritas\Comms\LLT
3) Open LLTTAB.txt
4. Modify the MAC addresses to the updated ones.
5) Save and close LLTTAB.txt

6) In the command prompt, run the following commands in sequence to restart heartbeat communication and cluster services:

    net start LLT
    lltconfig -c (this should return nothing if lltab.txt has no syntax errors)
    net start GAB

This should restart cluster communication and services on this node where the modification was made which will then make use of the updated LLTTAB information.


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