How to add Oracle Database under VCS configuration using Command Line.

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How to add Oracle Database under VCS configuration using Command Line.


1) Make sure that Oracle Agent Package is installed and the version is as per Agent Support Matrix.

#pkginfo -l VRTSvcsor       (For Solaris)
#rpm -qa |grep VRTSvcsor (For Linux)
#lslpp -l |grep VRTSvcsor   (For AIX)
#swlist |grep VRTSvcsor    (For HP-UX)

Also, make sure that after Oracle Agent installation, you have imported file as follows...

To import using the command line
1 Log in to node as superuser.
2 Ensure that all changes to the existing configuration have been saved and that further changes are prevented while you modify
# haconf -dump -makero
3 To ensure that VCS is not running while you edit, stop the VCS engine on all nodes and leave the resources available:
# hastop -all -force
4 Make a backup copy of the file:
# cd /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config
# cp
5 Copy the Oracle types configuration file into place:
# cp /etc/VRTSagents/ha/conf/Oracle/ /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/
6 Edit the file to include the file:
include ""

Now, once the cluster is up and running using #hastart

2) Configure SG as in following Example...

A)Open the Cluster Configuration
# haconf -makerw

B) Add the SG in cluster
#hagrp -add Service_Group_Name
e.g # hagrp -add ORAPRD

Add the System List and AutoStart list as per the requirement.

#hagrp -modify ORAPRD SystemList system1 0 system2 1
#hagrp -modify ORAPRD AutoStartList system1 system2

C) Add the Resources to SG :

i) Add Oracle DB Resource :
#hares -add Resource_Name Resource_Type Service_Group_Name
e.g #hares -add DB_FINPRD Oracle ORAPRD

ii) Add Listener Resource :
#hares -add Listener_Resource_Name Netlsnr Service_Group_Name
e.g #hares -add Listener_FINPRD Netlsnr ORAPRD

iii) Add IP Resource :
#hares -add IP_Resource_Name IP Service_Group_Name
e.g #hares -add IP_Prod IP ORAPRD

iv) Add NIC Resource :
#hares -add NIC_Resource_Name NIC Service_Group_Name
e.g #hares -add NIC_Prod NIC ORAPRD

v) Add Volume Resource:
#hares -add Volume_Resource_Name Volume Service_Group_Name
e.g.#hares -add ORAVol Volume ORAPRD

vi) Add Diskgroup Resource :
#hares -add Diskgroup_Resource_Name DiskGroup Service_Group_Name
e.g #hares -add ORADG DiskGroup ORAPRD

vii) Add Mount Resource :
#hares -add Mount_Resource_Name Mount Service_Group_Name
e.g #hares -add ORAMOUNT Mount ORAPRD

D) Now Add the Required Attributes for each of the Resources using the following command syntax :

#hares -modify Resource_Name Attribute Value

For Oracle Resource :

#hares -modify DB_FINPRD SID Test1   (here Test1 is the Oracle DB instance Name)
#hares -modify DB_FINPRD Owner Oracle (here Oracle is the Owner for Oracle)
#hares -modify DB_FINPRD Home /oracle/product/10.2.0   (here /oracle/product/10.2.0 is the Oracle Home Directory)

For Listener Resource :

#hares -modify Listener_FINPRD Owner Oracle (here Oracle is the Owner for Oracle)
#hares -modify Listener_FINPRD Home /oracle/product/10.2.0   (here /oracle/product/10.2.0 is the Oracle Home Directory)

For IP Resource :

#hares -modify IP_Prod Address   (here is the Virtual IP)
#hares -modify IP_Prod Device ce0               (here ce0 is the NIC Device)

For NIC Resource :

#hares -modify NIC_Prod Device ce0               (here ce0 is the NIC Device. This NIC is separate NIC and not used anywhere)

For Volume Resource :

#hares -modify ORAVol Volume testvol  (here testvol is the volume for Oracle Home)
#hares -modify ORAVol DiskGroup testdg            (here testdg is the Diskgroup for volume)

For Diskgroup Resource:

#hares -modify ORADG DiskGroup testdg            (here testdg is the Diskgroup for volume)
#hares -modify ORADG DiskGroupType private

For Mount Resource :

#hares -modify ORAMOUNT BlockDevice /dev/vx/dsk/testdg/testvol
#hares -modify ORAMOUNT FSType vxfs
#hares -modify ORAMOUNT FsckOpt "%-y"
#hares -modify ORAMOUNT MountPoint /oracle

E) Now Add the dependencies using following command...

#hares -link Resource_Name Resource_it_depends_on


#hares -link Listener_FINPRD DB_FINPRD
#hares -link DB_FINPRD IP
#hares -link ORAVol ORADG
#hares -link ORAMOUNT ORAVol
#hares -link IP NIC

Here we completed SG configuration.

3) Now, Start the SG  and Failover as following..

i) Enable All Resources for SG:

#hagrp -enableresources Service_Group_Name
e.g # hagrp -enableresources ORAPRD

ii) Online the SG on node 1 :

#hagrp -online Service_Group_Name -sys System_Name

e.g #hagrp -online ORAPRD -sys node1

Now check #hastatus -sum and verify the status on SG.

iii) Failover SG to node 2 :

#hagrp -switch Service_Group_Name -to System_Name
e.g hagrp -switch ORAPRD -to node2

Check #hastatus -sum and confirm the status of Service Group.

4) Save & Close the Cluster Configuration
#haconf -dump -makero

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