How to manually install a named instance of SQLExpress for Backup Exec version 11x or higher.


How to manually install a named instance of SQLExpress for Backup Exec version 11x or higher


Note: SQL Express Backup Exec Instance can be installed on a local or remote server.

1. Double click SQLEXPR.EXE from the installation media (default path mentioned):
  • Path: X:\BE\WINNT\INSTALL\SQL Express (in case of installation CD).
  • Path: X:\BEWS_12.0_32bit\WINNT\INSTALL\SQL Express (in case of installation files are downloaded from SYMANTEC website). Refer Figure 1.

Figure 1.

2. Select  "I accept the licensing terms and conditions" and click Next. Refer Figure 2.

Figure 2.

3. On the window "Installing Prerequisites", click "Install". Refer Figure 3.

Figure 3.

4. Click Next on "Installing Prerequisites" window (Installs software components required prior to installing SQL Server). Refer Figure 4

Figure 4.

5. Click Next on "Welcome to Microsoft Sql Server Installation Wizard". Refer Figure 5.

Figure 5

6. Click Next on the "System Configuration Check" window. Refer Figure 6.

Figure 6.

7. Type the Name and Company name and uncheck the option "Hide advanced configuration options" and click Next. Refer Figure 7.

Figure 7.

8. Click Next on the "Feature Selection" window if installing in the default location. If not, change the path as per disk space availability. Refer Figure 8.

Figure 8.

9. On the "Instance Name" page select Named Instance and type the Backup Exec Instance Name (BKUPEXEC) as shown in figure or use the Default Instance (SQLEXPRESS) and click Next. Refer Figure 9.

Figure 9.

10. In the "Service Account" window, select Local system and click Next. Refer Figure 10.
Figure 10.

11.In the "Authentication Mode" window, select Windows Authentication mode and click Next. Refer Figure 11.

Figure 11.

12. Click Next on the "Collation Settings" window. Refer Figure 12.

Figure 12.

13. Click Next on the "Configuration Options" window. Refer Figure 13.

Figure 13.

14. Click Next on the "Error and Usage Report Settings" window. Refer Figure 14.

Figure 14.

15. On the "Ready to Install" window click Install. Refer Figure 15.

Figure 15.

16. On the "Setup Progress" window Click Next then Click Finish to complete the SQL Express Installation. Refer Figure 16 & 17

Figure 16.

Figure 17.


17. To confirm that Backup Exec SQL Instance is up and running, Please click on Start > Run > Services.msc and check for SQL Server (BKUPEXEC) is Started in Automatic Mode. Refer Figure 18.

Figure 18.

18.The Backup Exec SQL Instance is installed successfully. To start Backup Exec Installation Double Click on Browser.exe from installation media.

19.On the "Symantec Backup Exec Database" page click on "Use an existing instance of SQL Server 2000 (SP3a or later) or SQL Server 2005 (SP2 or later) on the network to store the database on". Refer Figure 19.  For Backup Exec 2012, after license agreement, choos 'Custom installation'  under Installation Type and go ahead by clicking Next. Observe the different stages of the installation showed on the left side of the wizard, when reach 'Choose SQL Server', either select the named instance created or if not listed then type it manually.

Figure 19.

20. Type Server Name\BKUPEXEC or click on the drop down to select the Server Name which holds Backup Exec Instance and click on Next and then click Install and let the setup complete. Refer Figure 20.

Figure 20.

21. Continue with the Backup Exec Installation

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