What are the priveth and pubeth interfaces?

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What are the priveth and pubeth interfaces?


FileStore categorizes NICs (Network Interface Cards) into privethX and pubethX interfaces, where X denotes the instance number if multiple cards are present.

pubeth interfaces
pubeth interfaces are used for communications with the public network. Some pubeth interfaces are also used for LLT lowpri links

priveth interfaces
priveth interfaces are used for private communications between the FileStore nodes. Typically there are two priveth interfaces, priveth0 & priveth1.
  • priveth0 is used for PXE booting, DHCP and inter-node FileStore communications (remote command executions, internal configuration replication, NFS locking traffic) and a lowpri LLT interface.
  • priveth1 is used for a highpri LLT interface which includes VCS, CVM & CFS communications

Assignment process
During installation, each NIC card is tested with the ping utility to see if it can reach the gateway address provided during the configuration. Each NIC that responds to the ping request will be considered a public interface and will be named as pubeth interface. The assignment of the instance number is based upon the order PCI id as listed with lspci utility. i.e priveth0, priveth1

Two out of the remaining interfaces from which the gateway could not be reached will be considered private as renamed as priveth0 and priveth1 in the order of the PCI ids (lspci). The remaining interfaces for which the gateway cannot be reached will also be assigned pubeth interfaces.

Note: The installation will fail if the gateway is reachable from all interfaces.



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