When adding a Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW) 5.1 (SP1 or SP2) basic disk to a Logical Disk Management (LDM) dynamic disk group or creating one from those disks, this error might occur: Warning V-40-32775-87, Invalid arguments.

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When moving disks that have just been removed from a SFW 5.1 SP1 (or SP2) dynamic disk group and added to an LDM dynamic disk group, or creating LDM dynamic disk group from those disks, this error might occur: Warning V-40-32775-87, Invalid arguments.


This is what will be shown in the vm_vxisis.log :

11/2/2009 3:18:18 PM:1340:vdsprov: CVxControlManager::Invoke(), going to invoke (OBJ:{b2d725eb-2ecd-4037-acea-325912f314fb},INTF:{2ebd58d8-ac2b-46ed-987d-9956314151bc},MJ:0,MN:13304, 0, 13304)
11/2/2009 3:18:18 PM:1340:
vdsprov-OpLog:  -- START VDS_MTHD_DISKCHECK(13304) on misc-internal-object {b2d725eb-2ecd-4037-acea-325912f314fb}
vdsprov-OpLog:  authStatus (UINT32) : 0
vdsprov-OpLog:  createdg (BOOLEAN) : TRUE
vdsprov-OpLog:  createldm (BOOLEAN) : FALSE
vdsprov-OpLog:  daids (VXOBJIDZ) : \Device\Harddisk1 {3958f4d2-97f7-4640-9a45-bcbca2caf80c}, \Device\Harddisk2 {b261808d-5649-4a62-a4ba-1d0e9eb27433}, \Device\Harddisk3 {0dbdabe7-2a0a-44b2-adc1-c4ca1d65317b}
vdsprov-OpLog:  private (BOOLEAN) : FALSE
vdsprov-OpLog:  shared (BOOLEAN) : FALSE
11/2/2009 3:18:21 PM:1340:vdsprov:FindVDSBasicDisk - NO VDS ID for disk
11/2/2009 3:18:21 PM:1340:
vdsprov-OpLog:  -- FINISH VDS_MTHD_DISKCHECK(13304) on misc-internal-object {b2d725eb-2ecd-4037-acea-325912f314fb}
vdsprov-OpLog:  -- Error(80070057) : Unknown
11/2/2009 3:18:21 PM:1340:vdsprov: CVxControlManager::Invoke(), finished service request OBJ:{b2d725eb-2ecd-4037-acea-325912f314fb},INTF:{2ebd58d8-ac2b-46ed-987d-9956314151bc},MJ:0,MN:13304. (err = 0x80070057)
11/2/2009 3:18:21 PM:1340:IlOperationRequest:PrCallDispatch failed: 0x80070057

Error Message

V-40-32775-87, Invalid arguments


 VDS Provider VDS_MTHD_DISKCHECK fails with this error:

1340:vdsprov:FindVDSBasicDisk - NO VDS ID for disk



Run "diskpart rescan" and repeat the operation.

Note: This only occurs with Windows 2008 R2




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